Top android bitcoin wallets you should know!

If you think storing your bitcoin on an android mobile device is the right option, then you should check this post. The android bitcoin wallets are an application that allows users to store, send and receive digital coins from their android phone. You might not know one thing: mobile wallets allow you to make payments easily and quickly. But these wallets are always connected to the internet, which makes them more prone to attacks. Like Bitcoin, you can also earn profit by investing and trading Ethereum at Ethereum Code app

It is a matter of fact that the pros of mobile android wallets are higher than the cons, which is why it is excellent for you to use them. When we talk about comfort, nothing can beat the one offered by android mobile wallets. They allow you to make a fast and convenient manner of accessing your coins. It is because today, most people carry their mobile phones with them all the time. But there are a few downsides also, so it is advised that you should keep only a tiny amount of bitcoin in this device. Let’s learn about the top android-based bitcoin wallet on the internet.

Ledger Nano X

It is the latest android bitcoin wallet accessible through the mobile app. it is not a mobile wallet, but you can access it through the mobile app. With this wallet, you can access, view and efficiently handle your bitcoin from your android phone. Moreover, the increased level of security makes this wallet the best option to choose. It is a hardware wallet, but you can manage your coins with the mobile app to get the best benefits of both of these wallets. The interface of this wallet is organized through the help of the ledger live mobile app. however the installation procedure of this wallet could be better. Still, if you see the design and features of this wallet, it is probably one of the best options for storing your bitcoins.


The android bitcoin wallet offers a keyless wallet to the users without any security tradeoff. It means that this wallet uses an innovative cryptographic solution, making this digital currency wallet a worthwhile option to choose from. It is one of the unique features, and it allows the users to ease the usage of the strong coins without actually managing the private keys. You can see other great features on this wallet, such as bitcoin exchange, a very intuitive UI, and the staking of coins. There is a vast number of coins that ZenGo offers, so you can also diversify your portfolio while using this android bitcoin wallet. This wallet is free, and all you have to pay is the fee applicable when trading and purchasing the bitcoin currency.


It is a perfectly secure android bitcoin wallet that offers the potential of exchange on the app only. You might not know, but the coinomi android bitcoin wallet considers itself the best security as it is impossible to link the identities from the wallet. The installation process of this wallet is fast, and you can set it up quickly. The feature of multiple coin support makes this wallet more popular among bitcoin enthusiasts. If you are looking for an android based bitcoin wallet that is best in terms of security and is easy to use, then coinomi is the best option.


If you are looking for one of the finest android bitcoin wallets, then Abra is an excellent option. It is an android bitcoin wallet that allows users to trade and exchange bitcoin for fiat money. It also allows you to store bitcoin and the two other kinds of digital coins. You might not know, but one fascinating thing about this wallet is that you can trade almost 27 kinds of coins with this app, but you cannot store them in it. You must give your email address and mobile number to use this bitcoin wallet. This feature is a drawback for people who want to stay anonymous. However, the interface of this application, along with the experience you get, is enjoyable. Even if you are a beginner, using this wallet is an excellent option because you don’t need any extra knowledge.