Using AppsGeyser Apps to Market Your Business

In today’s world it is important for all businesses to be mobile, and that is where AppsGeyser apps come into play. In today’s post I am going to talk you through the reasons why you should consider the importance of using mobile apps as part of your marketing plan, and how AppsGeyser apps can help you to market your business.

Your business should be reachable no matter where your clients are. Right now I am sitting on a beach on an island in the sunny Australian Whitsundays. (Okay, so I’m not. But hey, we can all dream a little.) Anyway, my point is, whilst I’m sunning myself on holiday, I remember that when I get home I need to get my house redecorated, and want to get some quotes. Now if your business isn’t compatible to mobile, how will I find you?

The reason businesses have a mobile presence is to provide themselves with a competitive advantage over businesses that are not mobile. Think about it, how many handymen are out there? But how many are available to give me a quote whilst I sit on my sun lounger? The only ones around are those that are mobile friendly.

What you need to remember, is that mobile apps are not necessarily the tool from which you will get a direct revenue from. Yes you may be able to add some ads in there, and earn from affiliate or private marketing, but the main point of this style of app is to drive traffic to your business. This is where you will make your revenue. Android apps are a very powerful marketing tool.

When you create an Android app for marketing your business, you should think outside the box. The creation of a single app with just your business details on it is a viable app, but not a stand-alone app. You should be creating a family of apps that are all based around your business, and that will advertise your business in an informal manner. For instance, you have already created an app using the business card template, and you already have an app that will convert your website for mobile.

You can also create an app for local services, so that whilst people are looking at information for other services they will come across your service. You can create a how-to guide, and assist people in undertaking their own DIY. Obviously, when they fail, they will call you. The list is endless, but the free use of AppsGeyser’s templates allows you to think creatively, and push your business marketing to its limits without having to break any marketing budget.

In conclusion some advice for you:

1. Remember that creating Android apps is not for the direct revenue, but the indirect revenue.

2. Think outside the box, and create numerous apps related to your business.

3. Don’t forget to add the customized code to direct users to your other apps.

4. Make sure your apps are equally useful to your app users.

5. Make sure your apps are free to use.