What Makes An Excellent 2D Game Art?

2D Game

It’s quite hard to imagine a time when there was no 2D game art. How did people survive all those years ago without 2D games? 2D game arts have been a part of our existence for quite some time. And, to tell you frankly, it still exists today. Does it mean the present-day gamers are still attracted to 2D game art? The precise answer to this question is YES.

Obviously, it would be so hard for people to go back to that era. Life realities change through time, so are the style of video games that we have through the years. At present, it can be surmised that life is just infinitely better with 2D game art. This is a fact, not a hoax. That is why, if possible, you need to discover some excellent tools and platforms which can help you have world-class and enticing 2D game arts.

Let’s explore further some facts below.

Is 2D game art really art?

There have been a lot of debates about this. But how can people say that 2D game art is not art? It is, indeed. This is not an arguable fact because this is a reality. 2-dimensional art games are produced out of artistic visual designs and styles. 

Furthermore, a lot of people, the purists, would consider art to be constrained among the seven forms: painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, cinema, music, and theatre. This is conventional thinking, so to speak. But art is supposed to be the output of one’s creativity and imagination. It is a visual presentation of someone’s creative idea. 

With that in mind, 2D game art is truly an art. Why so? Because it is output through the exertion of creative and imaginative ideas. 2-dimensional art games are truly an art. Because of this, people are attracted to 2D games. 

Can you imagine not calling a 2D game as art when it is basically just cinema when it has characters and it has a story? It also has colours just like a painting. A lot of 2D games have music as well. 

Basically, 2D game art is a population of different forms of art. 

The people behind 2D games are referred to as 2D artists because they create art. 

There should be no more debate about it. Instead, people should be talking more about what constitutes great 2D game art.

2D game art could be very powerful. 

Argentics, a game developer, is one of those that really know how to make immersive games that would endear the gamer to the overall game art. 

Elements of a great 2D game

What makes people want to play 2D games? It’s not one thing. It’s always about a myriad of things that create a complete 2D game package. 

  1. Story

The story is a major selling point of a 2D game. It’s not enough that you are just playing to win. You have to be immersed in the storyline to want to go back to the 2D game again and again. 

The story has to be immersive. It should be something that the player will have no choice but to think about even when they are not playing. 

That’s really the beauty of the 2D game, it allows you to be part of the story. That’s why even if you are in school trying to listen to the lecture, or at work trying to concentrate on your task, you can’t help but imagine the game. 

  1. Characters

You know the 2D artist made some fabulous 2D game art when you hear people arguing about who the best characters are in the 2D game. 

When a gamer becomes attached to a character, attached enough that they will defend it, you know the artist did a great job. 

This is also why it’s important that a single 2D game has a number of characters. This way, there is always a perfect character for different people. 

Mortal Kombat, for example, started with seven playable characters. Each character is very different from the next. The characters have different personalities and strengths.

Artists should be as inclusive as possible. You don’t want to alienate people who would-be players of your 2D game art. 

  1. Environment

The game should feel like a journey to all players. With that, it’s important that the 2D game art showcases an amazing environment that players can get behind with.

Sometimes, the colours would really elevate the overall game art. There are also times that the muted tones would make better surroundings. 

It’s about the overall theme of the game. The environment should match what the game is about. 

When it comes to 2D game art, there is no generic approach to it. It’s about sewing the different elements to a canvas in an effort to make one amazing art. 

  1. Sound

Here’s another element that would make the game stand out. Again the sounds and music should fit the overall theme of the game. It should match with the characters’ personalities and what is going on in that world. 

All these components: story, characters, environment, and sound should be comprehensive and moving in the same direction to make a memorable 2D game. 


The elements of a 2D game art were already given above. They can attest to the fact that 2D games are really an art. Notwithstanding, the present-day 2D games will hardly be embraced by gamers if they lack artistic value and significance. Having said this, rest assured that your video game will be embraced and used by the gamers when they possess 2D characteristics.

According to Agentics,

Everyone in the video game industry (all stakeholders) should truly value the impact of 2-dimensional visual designs and arts. Even if today there are already 3D game arts, still 2D art games remain the talk of the town. It means they are as valuable as the 3-dimensional artworks present in the video game industry.