What to Look for In a Video Editing software?

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Video has taken over the world in the last decade, with millions of us now consuming video content on a daily basis. People often apply various online video maker apps and other special programs for checking and editing high-quality videos. We’ve seen a massive increase in the number of videographers entering the fray in a bid to feed our insatiable appetite for new and fresh material.

The rise of independent content creators has seen a corresponding boost to the range of video editing software available to them, with dozens of platforms now on the market. So which one should you choose, and how do you know if it’s right for you? Read on to learn our tips for finding the perfect editing tool.


Before setting your budget you first have to clarify your goals. Are you making videos as a hobby, planning a YouTube career, supplementing marketing efforts for an existing business or planning to become a full-time videographer?

You’ll find software to meet every budget, and the more you pay, the more impressive features you get. Generally, hobbyists can expect to find a platform to meet their needs for under $70 (or even free if you have very basic needs) while semi-professionals can spend anything between $200 to $400 per year.

However, those planning a full-time career might find top-notch software way up in the $800 to $3,000 range.

Downloadable Vs. Online

Downloadable editors will live on your computer’s hard drive, and your projects will take up memory space on your device. Online software is accessed via your web browser and data will be stored in the cloud. Online editors are a great choice if you want to collaborate with others on projects, as your colleagues can log in on any device and make edits to the same video.

Downloadable options are a little cheaper and recommended for those that won’t be doing a lot of editing or have enough hard drive space to store a small collection of videos.

User Interface

With so many budding videographers looking to get to grips with editing software, providers have been making user interfaces increasingly intuitive over the years. While brand new editors might feel a little overwhelmed, you can usually get a handle on the basics in just a few hours, so your choice really comes down to which quirks of a particular platform you like.

A lot of software providers have free trials available, so you can have a play around with the editing suite before you commit. You’ll need to find a balance between ease of use and access to complex features, and the best ones usually come with tutorials bundled into the package.

Filters and Overlays

You need to do everything you can to make your content stand out these days, so make sure to find a platform that offers a high-quality selection of filters, overlays and themes. You can make your project look like a 1920’s black and white movie, throw in some JJ Abrams style lens flares and even add dust and advanced lighting effects. See what your chosen editor has on offer, or shop around to find some compatible add-on packs.

After Effects Tools

Getting the right filter won’t be enough to make your projects pop, for that you’ll need the help of solid after effects tools. There’s a huge range to choose from, including explosion effects, 3D maps, cyberpunk logos, sound effects and more. Think about the type of content you want to make and try and find a platform that best matches what you’re looking for.

Input and Output Formats

Sometimes overlooked by new users, you’ll need to consider what types of formats you’re able to upload and download from your software. There are multiple file types to consider, including MOV, MPEG4, DivX and H.264 to name a few. Find out what formats your camera uses to record and check that your editing software is compatible with these. This is especially important if you’re going to upload your creations to streaming sites as only certain file types will be accepted.

Software Reputation

Finally, it’s always worth checking out the reputation of your chosen provider. You might find all the effects and features you need, but if the platform has poor customer service it can be a real deal-breaker. Check out online reviews and tech forums to see what other users have to say about it. You can always opt for a free trial of the tool to try it out and see for yourself.