19 Proven Free Tips on App Marketing Strategy & Techniques for Android

 Free Tips on App Marketing Strategy

So, you have developed a life-changing app! It’s time to get that into the hands of users, and that’s the most important part.

There are more than 5 million apps on the app stores, and it seems to be quite a challenging task. What is different in your app that will make it stand out from the crowd? Your app might be the best one in your genre, but has it reached the right audience at the right time?

Well, it all depends upon your app marketing strategy. The efforts you put into your app store marketing strategy will get converted into your app’s success. Without a proper strategy, you cannot make progress at a good speed.

Not only the development, but AppsGeyser also provides you a lot of ways to make your app successful through marketing. We have come up with 12 proven tips on how to make your apps successful by a great app marketing strategy.

How Can App Store Marketing Strategy be Fruitful?

There are more than 5 million apps, and you are probably competing with a million. That sounds tough! But actually, only your app marketing strategy is the key to success here.

When an app is under development, your entire focus is to make it more robust and flawless. The post-development processes include having a documented strategy actually to gain the ultimate app success.

Let’s have a deep dive into these proven tips now.

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19 Free Tips for App Marketing Strategy:

Here is the complete list of 19 proven tips related to your app marketing strategy. It is recommended to follow some of them or preferably all.

1. Build an Attractive Landing Page

The landing page of your app is like a showroom of it. If it’s attractive and engaging for the users, there is no way that they leave your app. It’s like the first impression of your app. Try to make a landing page with the following qualities:

  • Clean
  • Attractive
  • User-Friendly
  • Compatible with different devices
  • Quality-Focused

The images, text, and graphics should be attractive for the users so that they try to explore more features of your app. It will be best if you add a relative Call-to-Action on your app’s landing page or dashboard.

2. Encourage Users to Review Your App

It’s always a great approach to ask the users of your app to provide a review on the app store. It is better to notify them to do so by using the push notifications. Try not to make them overwhelmed by your notifications.

When they provide reviews to your app, app stores will definitely move your app up to the top ranks. The ratings which the users give to your app also play a vital role in your app’s success.

Before downloading an app, the audience usually observes the previous reviews on the app. If you have a good number of reviews alongside a healthy rating, everyone will love your app.

3. Use the Viral Loops

Creating something worth sharing is the key to gain the ultimate number of app users. Viral loops consist of something great to share, such as high scores or shared experiences. In this way, your app will automatically get shared around the globe.

Viral loops invert the conventional marketing funnel, which enables your audience to share your app by themselves. There are a lot of ways through which you can make viral loops. Some of them are as follows:

  • A quality-focused app design
  • Incentives
  • Referrals
  • Shared experiences
  • Invitation-only features

Let’s take an example of Dropbox, which used viral loops effectively. It offered 16 GB of additional storage space to users who invited friends to use Dropbox.

There are numerous other examples, but the point here is that using viral loops are necessary for a successful app marketing strategy.

4. Do the App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the primary parameter for an app’s success in the app stores. This is something similar to the optimization done to your websites to uplift them in the search results.

ASO consists of various tools and techniques to naturally move your app on the top of app listings on the app stores. It becomes essential to implement ASO because you have a competition with almost a million other apps.

It can be done by taking care of your app’s title, description, and other factors on the app stores. A specific set of keywords are chosen to be used throughout the development and marketing of your app.

There are a lot of ASO experts on the market, but if you want to do it yourself, there is nothing challenging with it. You will soon be familiar with how you can get the most out of your apps.

5. Develop a Press Kit

A press kit is a collection of content you have about your app to be given to the press sources for its promotion. For example, a journalist or a blogger might ask you to provide them the screenshots of your app.

The imagery that you should have ready consists of the following things.

  • Screenshots
  • Logos
  • App Icons
  • Social links
  • Company profile
  • Press releases

Press will automatically show the image of your business which you deliver to it. So, it is always recommended to have an admirable set of a press kit.

6. Market with a Video

Video is a great way to market your app because it consumes more than 80% of annual web traffic. With the help of an online video editor, you can create more than one video related to your apps or specifically the app business.

It’s not about making the videos just as the others do. The marketing videos should be quite different from others. Here are some important things to consider while making a video.

  • Keep your videos concise
  • Do not exceed the time limit of 60 seconds for a video duration
  • Add a Call-to-Action in your video
  • Make a video that is understandable even if muted

You should have your app marketing videos ready all the time and use them according to the platform on which you are posting them.

7. Run Paid App Store Ads

Ads serve as a great way to market your app, but the idea is mostly denied due to the price. The revenue that you will be generating after running these is more than double the investment.

Without doing proper App Store Optimization, you can also be on the top through paid ads on the Play Store. You can run a pay-per-click campaign and see the magical benefits.

8. Be Active on the Social Media

The world has changed, and the ways of marketing have also been changed alongside it. People use social media more than anything else on their smartphones.

Your presence on different social media channels is crucial. You should learn more about your target audience before making content for them on social media.

Try to learn about their interests, hobbies, and demographics. It’s not about just posting your content on it, but you should also respond to them whenever they approach to you.

9. Get Help from the Influencers

There must be some influencers of your target audience, such as a celebrity or a sportsman. Although it is a high-priced task, there is a lot of opportunities for you to magically grow your users.

Your audience is not more impressed than their favorite personalities. If you have a limited budget, you can find mini-influencers with less pricing demands.

10. Update your Content Regularly

It’s all about having an updated content ready for your users. Having a blog will be the best approach to follow. You can get more than 120% leads by having a running blog website.

Your app and all the content related to it on the app stores should also be updated on a regular basis. Publishing app updates will be a great way to influence your target audience.

11. Do Guest Posting

Guest posting has always been a great way to increase your business reputation and app’s rating. Surprisingly, AppsGeyser provides that opportunity for you.

You can now do guest posting by emailing us on the email provided on the right side of the website. You will see the magical benefits of guest posting after publishing your first post.

12. Offer Free Trials and Giveaways

As you have the competition with more than a million apps on the app stores, your app marketing strategy should be different from others. Let your users appreciate you when you save their money by offering them free trials of your app.

You can also use contests and giveaways to capture their attention. It will be a great way to make them your fan.

13. Do Networking

It is time to get to know people in your industry that will be interested in your product. You should be attending relevant conventions, joining online networking meetings and going to as many events as you can. The more people see you and know you as a real person, the better for your business.

14. Be Active On Industry Related Blogs

You should be active in your industry online as well as in person. Find out which are the top 5 blogs your prospective audience would be interested in and begin commenting on a regular basis. Those reading will begin to recognise your name and comments and interaction will begin. Never promote your business on another blog.

15. Host a Webinar

Why don’t you host an online Webinar to introduce your product/brand to the audience that you have built through your networking efforts? A regular webinar brings powerful results: it is interactive, it is visual and it is real. You can begin with an EverWebinar trial for marketing your online business.

16. Encourage a Cross-Promotion

Use your existing outlets to market your app business. Do you already have a website or a blog? Do you have a physical brick and mortar business? Start placing marketing messages around these existing outlets.

17. Look for Partnerships

The idea of promotion from within is fantastic, but your real aim is to grow your audience. Why don’t you partner with another brand that sits within your industry and supports your product/service? You can market their product/service whilst they promote your. Perfect for both of you, costs nothing and increases your audience range.

18. Start a Referral Program

This is often seen with large brands, but can be adapted for smaller businesses too. What you want to be doing is convincing your existing audience to bring friends to your business by providing an incentive. What you don’t want to be doing is paying people. The incentive should be something that does not cost you money. It could be offering an upgrade on a service, or a  discount on their next purchase, which you will still profit from.

19. Up-Sell Other Offers

Ever been into a fast-food chain and heard them say, ‘and would you like fries with that’, or ‘would you like a drink’? Get the message? No matter what you ask for, they will offer you one more item to try to up-sell. Don’t be afraid to contact existing clients and offer them an additional service/product.


Your app marketing strategy is the key to success in your app development business. With a handy strategy, you can complete all of the million apps out there in just a blink of a second.

Try these 12 ways and improve your app store marketing strategy. Get in touch with us by following our Facebook page. Contact us if you need any help by getting in touch with us through our website and happy developing!