3 Sites to Buy Negative Google Reviews in 2024 (1 Star & Custom)

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Do you have 10 minutes to explore the best place to buy real negative Google reviews? If not, opt for Followerzoid (our recommendation). 

In the revolution of online businesses, some teeny-tiny business owners are crushed by the giants already capturing the market. People buy negative Google reviews to weaken their online presence and compete with them. It may sound fishy, but it is the right technique to grow yourself, too. There are tons of negative reviews of vendors, but I am telling you about the top 3 sites.

3 Best Websites to Buy Negative Reviews for Google

I did thorough research on buying negative reviews for Google service and shortlisted 3 companies to do so securely, which are the following:

  • FollowerZoid.com
  • ItsMediaWorld.us
  • SocialFollowers.com.my

These three websites are extremely professional, with great customer acquisition and the highest customer repeat rate.

Let’s dig into deeper research about these sites. 

  1. FollowerZoid.com – The Best

Score: 9.9/10

Are you looking to buy bad Google reviews? FollowerZoid is the best platform for all your needs to tarnish your competitor’s reputation and grow your business more. FollowerZoid is a credible source for buying 1-star bad reviews from the most authentic, real, and genuine profiles. FollowerZoid also provides unique IP addresses to keep all the processes real. Famous platforms like Forbes and HuffPost also listed FollowerZoid as the best negative review seller in 2024.

Did You Know?

FollowerZoid has retained this position for the last 3 years as the number-one choice for business owners. They have served 500k clients for bad Google reviews.


  • Real and active reviews
  • 1-star rating guaranteed
  • Generic reviews that look real
  • Unique IP addresses for every review
  • No-drop review guaranteed
  • Secure payment options
  • 7-day refund guarantee
  • Protection from your competitors
  • Refill guaranteed
  • Country-targeted reviews, with native language, too


  • No cryptocurrency payments
  1. ItsMediaWorld.us – Second to None

Score: 9/10

In second place in our list, ItsMediaWorld is the most feasible option of any other vendor in the market. There are several reasons why I gave 9/10 to IMW. They are selling unique bad reviews, guaranteed. They served 200K clients and are still counting. In 2024, Business Insider listed them as the best platform for buying negative reviews for Google.


  • Real profiles with active users 
  • 1-star rating with bad reviews
  • 24/7 customer support


  • No cryptocurrency
  • No Protection from your competitor
  1. SocialFollowers.com.my – New in Town

Score: 8.5/10

Although this is a new website, they are working really hard to stand out as a tall giant. In a short span of time, they have served 100,000 clients with the different services they provide. They are providing mixed profiles for bad reviews on Google. They have successfully gained 3rd place in selling reviews for Google.


  • Real and authentic profiles for reviews
  • No drop is guaranteed.
  • Secure payment methods
  • 7-day refund guarantee
  • Unique IP addresses for reviews


  • No refills are guaranteed.
  • There is no crypto payment method.
  • No native language review

Which is The Best Place to buy Negative Google reviews?

FollowerZoid.com provides unique, real, and original reviews from genuine profiles worldwide. They have been providing the highest quality services for the last three years and are listed as the best seller for 1-star negative Google reviews.

Buying a Negative Review for Your Business

It may feel weird, but buying a negative 1-star review is a proven strategy to attract more clients to your business. You need to balance out positive and negative reviews. According to my research, there should be a 1:20 ratio for bad reviews.

Obviously, you are providing great services, so you are getting more positive reviews, but when a new client reaches out to your page and finds plenty of positive reviews without any bad reviews, it may lead them to doubt whether each review is genuine or not. To overcome this situation, some business owners leave a 1-star review knowingly and then communicate on that review to prove themselves as good business owners who communicate with bad reviews.

Buying Negative Reviews for Your Competitor’s Pages

This is one of the main reasons to grow more than your competitors. Simply, a competing brand buys some paid bad reviews for a competitor’s page to degrade its credibility. In this way, a person who is purchasing negative reviews can benefit from the situation

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions regarding the guide about the top 3 websites to buy negative Google reviews.

Is it Possible to Buy Negative Reviews for Google?

Yes, it is possible to buy negative reviews for Google. You can buy from FollowerZoid.com without revealing your identity. These bad reviews will be a strategic partner for you to steal all the limelight out there. These bad reviews can easily rust your competitor’s worth, and you can easily redirect their customers to your website.

Why Should I Buy Negative Google Reviews?

If you are an online business owner, then you should buy negative Google reviews for your competitors to tarnish their brand’s online appearance. This is reverse engineering, in which you can take down your competitor’s growth and increase your sales.

From Where Should I Buy Negative Google Reviews?

There are many vendors out there, and you can buy negative Google reviews from anyone. But I will suggest buying negative Google reviews from authentic sources like

  • FollowerZoid.com
  • ItsMediaWorld.us
  • SocialFollowers.com.my

 As it is a tricky and delicate situation, you may get banned. So, get your work done by professionals.

Can I Buy Negative Reviews for Google?

Yes, you can buy negative google reviews for your competitor. There are many popular site to buy negative reviews, yet I will suggest to go for FollowerZoid.com.

Is it Legal to Buy Google Negative Reviews?

Currently, Google has no such policy about buying and placing negative reviews on anyone’s profile. You can buy negative Google reviews to take down your competitor and get that place for you.

How Can I Buy Negative Google Reviews?

First, do thorough market research, compare prices among the vendors, consider the services they provide, and read reviews about them.

  • Go to their website
  • Choose your required package
  • Complete the transaction
  • Fill out the order form
  • Your order will be placed

Remember! It is very important to buy negative Google Reviews from trusted and credible websites.

Can I Pay for a 1-star Google Review?

Yes, you have to pay for unfavorable reviews on Google at a minimal cost. Many websites sell 1-star and 5-star reviews on Google. You just have to select the package and pay for the reviews, either 1 star or 5 stars. It is a popular marketing strategy to grow your business in no time.

What is The Average Cost of buying a Negative Google review?

Answer: Well! Price varies from site to site, but the average cost is:

  • For 1 review, it is 7 dollars
  • For 2 reviews, 15 dollars
  • For 3 reviews, 20 dollars
  • For 10 reviews, 75 dollars
  • For 100 reviews, 500 dollars.

 Some websites also offer bulk review packages, which will cost you 10k reviews for 50k dollars.

Can I Pay for Bad Google Reviews?

Yes, you can pay for bad Google reviews for your competitor’s page. Displaying bad reviews on their social media page will immediately destroy your competitor’s image and credibility, which is indirectly a win-win situation for you.

How do I Take down a Bad Review Displayed on my Social Media Pages?

Answer: A negative or unfavorable 1-star review can never be taken down directly. The only thing you can do is buy more good reviews to make bad reviews go down. You have to resurface your reviews section with good 5-star reviews.

Can I Pay Someone to Write a Bad Review on Google?

Yes, you can pay someone to write a bad review on your competitor’s social media pages. But it is a long process; you just buy them from FollowerZoid.com and focus on your business to grab new clients.

Can Google detect Fake Reviews?

Google can never detect your fake reviews, as its algorithm has not been strong enough to detect fake reviews till now. But in case Google develops their algorithms to detect fake reviews, you ought not to be worried, as the websites providing you reviews are totally organic and real.

Why Should I Choose FollowerZoid to Buy Negative Google Reviews?

FollowerZoid is highly recommended by top business owners due to high customer satisfaction, genuine reviews, and a highest score of 9.9/10.

They provide real and genuine profiles for reviews and unique IP addresses.

FollowerZoid.com also provides a secure payment method and Protection from your competitors.

Question: Is There any Drawback to Using FollowerZoid?

Answer: The only setback for choosing FollowerZoid.com to buy negative reviews for Google is that they do not receive cryptocurrency by the time you place an order.

Question: Is Buying Negative Google Reviews a Good Strategy?

Answer: Yes, buying negative Google reviews is a good strategy to maintain your image or brand’s worth in a competitive way. There are two main reasons for buying negative reviews for Google.

Question: Is Buying Negative Reviews for Business Works?

Answer: Purchasing a bad review is actually a good strategy for your business with great way of communication. Buying a bad review for your page will actually rank you on the search engine, regardless of the content in the reviews.

When people search for your business, they will find a mixed ratio of positive and negative reviews, with the positive ones being abundant. People will also notice your responses to the feedback, your commitments to those bad reviews, and your responsibility for accountability in any issue, which will definitely increase your reach to new customers.

Winner of Today’s Discussion:

In today’s discussion, I have taken 10 minutes of your day to witness the best 3 sites for buying negative reviews on Google. While in between the discussion, I have discussed different pros and cons for our top 3 competitors, which are FollowerZoid.com, ItsMediaWorld.com, and SocialFollowers.com.my.

Among these three competitors, I gave a whopping 9.9 out of 10 to FollowerZoid.com due to their marvelous services and various guarantees. On top of that, they also ensure Protection from your competitors. Other than that, ItsMediaWorld.us is proving itself a strategic partner for your growth with matching services, but in a less accurate way. That’s why they are in 2nd place. In 3rd place, SocialFollowers.com.my is sitting with their continuous effort to match the criteria of the industry. They are relatively new, yet they are continuously working to become the first priority of their clients.

In the end, I am announcing the winner of the discussion, which is undoubtedly FollowerZoid.com. Keep ordering and acing in your business with FollowerZoid.com.