4 Common Mistakes When Creating an Android App

It is very easy to get over excited at how easy it is to create an android app with the AppsGeyser Android app builder tool platform. The problem is, the excitement usually means that the app maker ends up making some of the most common mistakes that could in essence cost them their app career before it has even started. Today we are going to highlight some of the most common mistakes made when creating an Android app.


Many apps that we see created on our platform fall into this mistake category, the app is time–bound, meaning that its novelty will wear off very quickly and usage will decline. The most common example of a time–bound app is an app that is focused on a particular festive holiday. Do you really need a Christmas app in the middle of June? Although time-bound apps can be very successful in the short term, you need to have a full business model in place to ensure that your app users can benefit from your app all year round.

Limited apps

This is a continuation of the time-bound problem, once an app user has utilized the benefits of your app they will be less likely to want to use the app again, after all, there is no new developments in the app that would grant their usage. Apps must have a forward plan, another app that leads on from the first app, constant updates and communication with the app user to notify them of updates is vital to encourage an app to not be limited in its usage value.

App interface

Another major flaw in many apps is the app interface makes the app very difficult to navigate, the user may find some great usage value on one part of the app, but not realise there is more usage value to be found. It is vital that you think very carefully about the user experience and how the app can be utilized to its best advantage by the app user and also how the app can link to the other Android apps in your app network.

Development plan

Or should I say lack of a development plan is a major flaw in app making. If you are planning on creating an app but not willing to spend time on a development plan then you may as well just quit app making now. Making an Android app successful takes as much dedication as building a brick and mortar business, the basics behind any successful business is the development plan that has been derived prior to the app being born. An app business may cost you less money in the short term to develop and earn you more money in the long term, but it won’t success if you aren’t willing to put in the time.

I hope that by highlighting these common mistakes when making an Android app will help you on your way to Android app success. As always you are free to comment and of course contact us for more information via our social media and email. [email protected]