4 Tips to Help Get Your Content Right When You Create an Android app

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In the past week, we have looked at the importance of audience loyalty in ensuring your app is a success and that you will make money from your app. After all, if you create an Android app and get a million downloads but no one actually uses your app you simply are not going to make any passive income from it. Money is made from the times an ad is viewed on your app. Therefore you need to ensure that your app is viewed as much as possible, and in order to do this, you need to create high-quality, informative, and engaging content.

We have recently learned about the importance of the first impression. Today, we are going to push forward with this idea and take it a little bit further by explaining you can get your app content right.

Get Your Content Right

 1. App Style

It is not only about how great your images are in your app, but the app template style is also equally important. We are sure that you have all heard about the individual learning styles of children, the way in which a teacher teaches a lesson to gain the attention of their students. A lesson that is taught in school needs to incorporate a range of learning styles to ensure all children learn as some children are visual learners and others are hands-on learners. 

Well, our learning styles do not change as we grow and therefore it is vital that you create a content strategy that will suit the needs of your audience. To achieve this goal, you should ask these questions to yourself:

  • What is the age range of your audience?
  • Would they prefer written or graphical content?
  • Are you better off creating video content?
  • Should you incorporate music in the video?

2. Written Content

Most apps will have some form of written content, and once again, you need to consider your audience and decide how much content is suitable for this audience, what font type you should use, and what size of text should be incorporated into the app. Another important issue when you write your content is the language style you use. For a younger audience, you may need to simplify your language. It will also be beneficial if you aim to target an international multilingual audience.

 3. Images

We have already mentioned images in the past few posts and the importance of getting the high quality for that perfect first impression. However, it doesn’t end there. You also need to consider if the image is suitable for your audience in terms of age suitability and even cultural suitability.

4. Proofread

The most important and most often overlooked part of your content is ensuring the content is correct. It is hard to look at your own work and find mistakes because you know what your message is, and you know what you have written. Therefore before you publish your app, always ensure that the app has been proofread by at least two other people. A proofreader will not only check your spelling and grammar but also let you know what they understand from your content and from this, you can determine if your message is clear.

How You Can Create Content For Your Android App

We often forget that many people who decide to create an Android app business do not already have pre-existing hand websites. In fact, many have no content at all that they can convert into an app and this is what stops them from embarking on a successful app career. Today, we are going to look at some ways to create content for your app and increase its likeliness to get installed.

create an android app content

1. Create Your Own Content 

Some people are blessed with the time, the skill, and the confidence to sit down and start creating content. They are able to place their ideas into easy-to-read pages and expand on their subject effectively enough to create a full app of content. If this is you, well done, you are in the minority here, and your life has been made simple. Good Luck and get writing.

2. Outsource 

If you lack writing skills, it’s time to find someone to write content for you. When you are outsourcing your content, it is important to know that you are going to have a budget for this. It is not free, and in many cases, it is not cheap if you want high-quality content.

Website outsourcing

There are a number of websites that you can place your ‘job’ on, such as upwork.com. Once you place your job on the site, the writers will send you a cover letter having quotes and samples of their work to pitch you. But you need to be aware of charlatans who offer cheap quotes and promise to deliver high-quality work within the deadline but don’t live up to the standards. So make sure to check reviews on their profile and go through their previous work before you hire someone. 

Student outsourcing

There are always plenty of students who are looking to earn some extra money. So don’t you think it is a good idea to visit your local college or university that has courses in the subject that you are looking to develop an app around. For instance, if you are creating an app around childcare, you can hire a  trainee teacher to write some content for you.

3. Purchase articles

There are many writers that create articles to get their work out there to begin their careers. Most of these articles are placed on Private Label Right websites. PLR articles are available to purchase, and once you have purchased them, you own the full rights to these articles, and you can then edit them accordingly. Google PLR articles to find a range of sources such as fiverr.com

4. Free Articles

This idea sounds perfect, right? Go get some free articles from the web, specially sourced sites with permission, of course. There are many article directories that you can use, but there are serious downsides to this form of article sourcing, such as:

  • You can not edit the article in any form
  • Many others may be using the same article as you
  • You have to ensure you keep the links inside the articles.

Final Words

Quality content is great, but great content is even better. Following the above-mentioned tips, you can create great content that will not only be easy to digest but also influence the decision of potential users to target your app. When content is informative, appealing, and valuable, it propels users to act. 

So, if you are adept at writing and have time, create your content because no one knows about your app better than you. However, if you have a lack of skills, then you can hire professionals with a forward-thinking approach to generate content that users couldn’t resist.