7 Exam Prep Apps You Should Check Out This Semester

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The whole algorithm is the following: you find an app that satisfies you, download it for free or with a fee, and enjoy your studies. As you can see, the most difficult part is to find the right app.

7 Exam Prep Apps


The best thing you can do to prepare for a test is to study the details. Usually, the best way to learn is to create your own flashcards and study. This old-fashion way of memorizing the information has proven itself to be the most effective. Quizlet has only automated it and added a user interface.

The app is excellent for language learning and exam preparation. In the Quizlet database, you can find already created flashcards. They can be pronounced in 18 languages. For certain subjects, you’ll need to create your own sets. This is also quite exciting and easy to do, even if you are away from home.

Quizlet allows sharing your flashcard sets with classmates. This will help you study in the most interactive way. The app is compatible with all iOs and Android devices.

Math Master

If it is a Math exam that you need to prepare for, Math Master is here to help. This is one of the best apps for learning basic mathematics as well as to practice the most common math problems. This app can also challenge your brain with general aptitude, reasoning, and logic puzzles. Moreover, it can improve your understanding of sequences, series, equations, and casual links.

The app is available for Android devices. It is great for the ACT and SAT preparation, as it helps in mastering your math skills and lets you practice the most common math problems within the time specified.

Daily Practice for the New SAT

A new diagnostics and practice test created to help you study for the new SAT should definitely be a part of your prep plan. This app can make your learning come easier and in a more approachable way. It can balance your studies with fun so that you memorize questions better.

Daily Practice has a huge database of questions that stem from the exam-approved materials. It also has in-built test makers that create an opportunity to check your comprehension. The question of the Day and other tricks help students memorize things better.

The app also has a feature that guides students to the correct answer. Even though they may not know the answer to the particular official question, Daily Practice will help them answer through explanations and hints.

Math Formulas

Math Formulas is great for learning basic and advanced math formulas. The app is convenient for all types of users, including both high school and college students. The complexity levels vary for such subjects as geometry, algebra, trigonometry, analytic geometry, matrices, integration, differentiation, etc.

In a certain way, this app is a portable library for math formulas for personal and educational use. This helps you bring your studies on-the-go anywhere with you. The tool is compatible with Android devices and iPhones.

Exam Countdown

If you need to track all your exam dates to study better, you can install Exam Countdown on your phone. It does not help you study directly but definitely, helps you focus on the deadlines. You can set a different color code and symbols for every exam so that you could differentiate it better.

In addition, the app allows for integration with your classmates. You can share your whereabouts in your learning process so that others could see and stay on track.


Have you ever lost some important information immediately after searching it in your browser? Forget about it with the Pocket app. Surfing the web has never been easier as we work hard to make sure no article, video, or other web content is lost.

What you need to do is to install this app and use its search and tagging tools to organize web pages and never lose them. You can range them by subject or any other criteria. Also, the app is available on your phone, computer, or tablet powered by Android or iOS.

Pocket integrates perfectly with other apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Evernote. You can share your search history or make use of links shared by others.

ACCA Student Planner

This app is designed specifically for ACCA students. Except for some useful advice to get started and pass exams, it also helps learners count down to their exam and synchronize it all with a calendar. The app can send you alerts and notifications concerning changes and inconsistencies in your schedule.

As a future ACCA member, you have access to all interactive learning tools that the app has. Moreover, the ACCA Student Planner has detailed information about every Approved Learning Center for your convenience.

ACCA Student Planner

Final Words

Every exam needs a great deal of preparation and determination. We know for sure that it is becoming impossible to keep track of everything, especially during the exam session. Thus, your smartphone and other devices must turn into a powerful help in your exam prep.

Luckily, this has been made possible with the exam tools and apps we have now. Most of them are available for free on different devices. They are designed to ease your way to academic success by automating your learning and making it more interactive.

After all, adding some creativity to studies has never been wrong. It only facilitates memorizing and helps students keep track of all the upcoming deadlines.