7 Technologies That Are True Student Helpers These Days

Education is becoming increasingly reliant on technology. In the era of social distancing, tech developments make it possible for you to convert any space into some kind of classroom. 

Though the sudden shift to online education had mixed results, now educators, edtech developers, and students themselves are more prepared to embrace the change. If you are wondering what tech tools can help you upgrade your learning environment, you have landed on the right page. 

We have created a list that will help you find the essential technology that can aid your study sessions.

student gadgets

2-in-1 Laptops 

Laptops are no longer a tool only for high school level and upwards. Today, with almost all parts of learning happening on screens, it is time to invest in a laptop exclusively for a student at your home. 

A 2-in-1 laptop design will be more suitable for distance learning. These gadgets allow students to leverage the versatility of a tablet while giving you the functionality of a traditional laptop setup. This will allow students to have documents and handwritten notes stored in on centralized local for ease. Students could even publish their study material on sites like StuDocu for others to access their devices. When you are merely reading notes or looking for an essay helper, you don’t always need a keyboard. Instead, the tablet mode will make it convenient for you to handle these tasks from the comfort of your couch.

Cloud Storage 

If you were too hesitant to spend a few dollars on cloud storage, you might want to rethink your decision. The last thing you want is to lose the poetry analysis essay assignment you’ve been working on for hours because your laptop suddenly misbehaves. Moreover, with pdfs and word documents replacing paper, you need an efficient storage solution. 

A Cloud storage service is certainly the better alternative to an external drive. For one, you need not carry it around. Second, you can access your files from anywhere, from any device. You can conveniently store any size of files and back up all your devices on Cloud. 

Portable Wifi 

Though public wifi is available in quite a few places, it still does not always assure connectivity when you might need it. Moreover, there are always concerns about security breaches through public connections. 

Portable wifi will come in extremely handy in broadcasting the internet to devices nearby. In other words, this will essentially serve as your wifi router for you to access the internet on the go. So if you need to look up EssayHub review on the way to your class, you can do it with ease. Moreover, you can also use the gadget if your home wifi signal is weak in your room. 

Virtual Assistants 

You no longer have to wait to be an executive to have your own personal assistant manage your day. Virtual assistants can cut off the need to manually perform many tasks, including handling other devices. You can wire a wide range of devices and control them through these assistants. 

Finally, students can easily get answers to questions, such as definitions for words, find the latest books by Dan Chaon, or a math calculation. Besides, you can ask your virtual assistants to set reminders on upcoming deadlines, tests, or simply play relaxing music when you are trying to focus. 

Bluetooth Headphones

Headphones have become almost an essential part of everyday life. This is especially the case since the commencement of online classes. It gives you the necessary privacy, be it to listen to language lectures, or take calls without disrupting others sharing your space.

Bluetooth Headphones

There are a plethora of options available for headphones these days. But if you rely on headphones more often, it is best to go for a wireless model with Bluetooth connectivity. They will work on all devices, regardless of whether they have a headphone jack or not. 


With students spending a significant amount of time learning online, it is only reasonable to be concerned about their privacy. A Virtual Private Network, otherwise known as VPN, will establish a secure connection. It ensures that your internet traffic is routed through an encrypted virtual tunnel. 

This guarantees that your IP address will be disguised, making your location invisible to others. A VPN is thus a great way to ensure a secure connection, protecting your privacy. 

USB Data Hub Splitter 

Most of us use at least two electronic devices simultaneously. It is not easy to have a separate charger and adapter for all these gadgets. This problem can be quickly solved by getting an external USB charging hub. It is a great way to keep all your devices charged and organized without needing a pile of cables and dongles.

USB Data Hub Splitter

Wrapping Up

Tech gadgets are no longer a mere option. They have become unavoidable elements in the learning process. With schools and colleges upgrading traditional setup to smart classrooms, it is imminent that you facilitate technologies at home as well. Moreover, they do improve productivity and save time when used in the right manner.