How To Grow Your Instagram Profile

In many cases, your Instagram profile is the first impression Instagrammers get from you. Therefore, your profile should be content rich without being overdone. It is a fine balance between appealing and off putting.

The following tips will help you improve your profile and enrich your brand to get more genuine Instagram followers.

Start with a Compelling Bio

Since your bio will be defined by the first impression you make, it is a vital part of your profile. It needs to be compelling for people to want to follow you.

Besides the essentials such as your contact information and website link, you need to provide your brand’s story in an interesting and engaging way. The story needs to give Instagrammers a reason to follow your brand and you.

Create Your Unique Brand Personality and Maintain It

Your feed is the second impression users see after your bio. Therefore, what you put in your feed will determine how your brand is perceived by others. Will they like what they see or not?

Something that is often overlooked is consistency in colors, voice tone, and post types in posts. This kind of consistency results in people automatically recognizing your brand when they see your posts in their feed.

Optimize Your Captions

Your Instagram post captions offer you a way to engage your existing audience while encouraging them to share with their friends. This factor will greatly benefit you.

Your Instagram captions can be used to ask questions, tag people, and encourage comments, likes, and shares.

Another engaging way to use captions is to use special offers and discounts and get your followers to share and promote them. Make sure you format your captions by adding line breaks. Do not forget to use a video or image and provide the story behind it to get higher engagement.

Use Geotagging and Local Hashtags

SEO is not only for websites. It is also something you can use on your Instagram profile. Use local hashtags and geotagging to get local interest. Never underestimate your local audience.

Geotagging allows you to attract Instagrammers local to your area. People often use geotags to find posts related to their region.

Relevant Hashtag Usage

Hashtags help people find content they want to see. This method for getting more Instagram followers has been tested and works. You will need to research trending hashtags related to your niche then use a good blend of them for all your content. That will reach people who follow these specific hashtags. People use Task Ant to find trending hashtags.

You can add up to 30 hashtags per post on Instagram, so use that to benefit your profile. Popular industry-related hashtags, niche hashtags, and trending hashtags will make your posts stand out. While you are at it, create your own brand-related hashtags and watch people start searching for you.

Watch Your Tagged Photos

It is imperative to maintain credibility on Instagram if you want to get more and retain followers. Be sure to check out the posts where your brand is being tagged. These posts are visible from your Instagram profile to others. People see those. Monitor who is tagging you and in what kind of posts.

You can use the edit tags features or change your setting to show only posts that you approve can be seen.

Engage in Popular Conversations

Not only should you start conversations, but you should also participate in conversations to get noticed.

For instance, if a discussion is going on that someone who shares your niche and Instagrammers are participating, get in there and engage with them. You never know who you will impress and choose to look at your profile and then follow you. Make a good impression.

Using CTAs (Calls to Action)

Instagram provides multiple methods for adding a call to action to your posts and you need to use them all. For example, “Shop Now”, “Swipe to Learn More”, and other such CTAs are helpful for getting people to take action.

A CTA can even be used to request that others visit your Instagram profile or share your content. Whatever action you want your audience to take, use it in your call to action.

Leverage Influencer Marketing

You probably know by now that influencers are Instagrammers with large audiences (huge followings) who are dedicated, active, and loyal to them. You can leverage their marketing to engage with their audience and get high-quality Instagram followers.

Remember to leverage influencers relevant to your niche and avoid going outside that realm.

Other Ways to Get Instagram Followers

There are a few other ways to get Instagram followers to your profile that will add up nicely.

  • Run a contest
  • Create more video content
  • Get into Instagram Reels video
  • Social shopping will become huge, so take advantage of that
  • Use educational content
  • Use stories across social platforms
  • Engage quickly to comments

These tips should be useful in getting you more followers on Instagram.