Latest Top 5 Free App Templates for Android by AppsGeyser

We live in a digital age where Android apps are everywhere around us. Android Marketplace owns almost 80% of the smartphone market in the world. There surely be some reason Why people use Android devices and why developers learn Android mobile phone app development.  Several different opportunities are present for the developers who want to learn Android app development. Android apps can lead to huge revenues if the app becomes successful over the Google play store. Android is an open platform. The Android apps are easy to create and modify and therefore the majority of the developers learn Android app development at the beginning of their career. The process of publishing the Android app over the Google play store is also very simple. The developers only submit the app and wait for the review process. In this way, after the review process is complete, the developers can easily distribute their app to the target audience.

Why you should learn Android App Development?

Many different reasons are present for learning Android app development. If you have a great idea for an app and you want to start with a platform, then I would recommend using the Android platform for your app. Some reasons for learning Android app development are as follows:

  1. Android supports open-source code

Android app code is open source. Developers can create whatever they want by using the Android platform. There are hundreds of possibilities of creating apps and customizing them according to the requirements by using the Android platform.

  1. Android apps are published on the Google Play store

Google Play store can be considered as the leader of the smartphone app market. In this way, if you create an Android app you can reach a broad audience and you can publish your app to reach your goals. The chances of success of an app increase greatly if it is published over the play store and it is unique in nature. Millions of apps are present over the play store. Almost 60% of the apps that are published over the play store are free of cost therefore Android provides great convenience to the smartphone users in the form of apps.

  1. The prospects of jobs for Android app developers are ever-increasing

Who does not want job security? If you want to become a successful programmer then Android app development is one of the best choices at present. By learning Android app development, you can get a stable job at a variety of different companies that are dedicated to creating captivating Android apps. One great advantage of learning the app development is that you can work remotely as a freelancer. Plenty of different websites are available where a person can get remote work as an Android app developer. Just by simply learning the Java programming language and using the Android studio, a person can easily become a programmer and create Android apps. A variety of different platforms are also present over the Internet by which a person can simply create Android apps and publish them on the Google play store for earning revenue. The Appsgeyser platform supports Android app development simply by giving the drag-and-drop options along with different templates. A person can use different templates on this platform according to his requirements and create the app of his dreams. 

  1. Rewarding model of Android platform

Android platform is based on a great revenue model. This platform provides the choice to the developers for creating either free versions of their apps or paid versions. The opportunity of earning revenue from both types of apps is great. In the case of free versions of the apps, the developers can use in-app purchasing and in-app advertisements to earn revenue. In the case of paid apps, the developers usually set a price for the app. The price of the app is listed in the metadata of the app in the Google play store. In this way, a person can directly earn profit and revenue from Android apps.

  1. Availability of app on multiple devices

One key feature of Android app development is that it provides a great prospect of reaching the target audience easily. By using Android app Distribution, you can reach a variety of different users that use multiple devices. Android apps run on smartphones, television, tablets, etc.  In this way, simply by creating a single app version, you can reach multiple target devices. If your app will be used on multiple devices, it will increase the ranking of the app and therefore it will directly increase the revenue of the app.

You must be thinking now after reading the above-mentioned points that you should learn Android app development. Don’t worry, if you are not tech-savvy then you can also create Android apps by using the Appsgeyser platform. This is an online platform. It supports Android app creation by providing different templates to the users. Templates are utilities provided by this platform by using which you can kick start your career as an Android developer. This platform will give you a signed APK file at the end of the app creation process so that you can easily publish this APK file over the play store. Numerous templates are present over this platform for creating Android apps. Down below is the list of top five Android app templates that you can use from the Appsgeyser platform to create Android apps:

What Are Top 5 Latest App Templates?

1. Website Template

Sometimes, in the case of business websites there is a need to convert the entire business website into an Android app. By using this template, you simply have to enter the URL of your website. After clicking the “Save” button, the template will automatically grab the data of the website and convert it into an Android app. This template also provides the opportunity of adding different features such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blog into the Android app that will be created after the conversion of your website.

website app template

2. Video calls

You can easily create a video call app by using this template. By using this template, you can create an app to invite different friends into the app and creating a group chat. This template also provides different emojis and stickers to ensure a smooth connection between different people.

video calls app template

3. Messenger

If you want to create the Messenger app for your own smartphone, then this template is a great choice. You can add your theme and style in this template to make the Messenger app that conforms to your requirements. By creating this app, you can send messages to different contacts, you can share your photos, you can share different videos and share different files with your contacts according to your demand.

messenger app template

4. Photo Keyboard

If you don’t like the standard keyboard that comes by default in the Android apps, then this template is an ideal choice for you. Use this template for creating a photo keyboard app. You can add different types of backgrounds and sounds behind the keyboard. This app will provide you the opportunity to change different types of fonts, change button styles, and change the background of the keyboard. In this way, you will have endless opportunities for customizing the keyboard on your Android device.

photo keyboard app template

5. Facebook Page

You might need to create a Facebook Feed from your Facebook inside an Android app. If you want to create such an app, then this template will suit all of your requirements. You will need to give information regarding your Facebook credentials. In this way, you can create an Android app that will use your Facebook feed.

facebook app template


Android apps are everywhere around us. If you want to start your app developer career then you should consider learning Android development. It comes with a variety of benefits. There is a huge opportunity for creating revenue from successful Android apps. Just by learning the Java programming language, you can start your Android app developer career. The prospect of getting a stable job as an Android app developer is also great because the Android apps are getting innovative every day and plenty of mobile app developer companies are hiring talented individuals to support the process of captivating Android app development. This app development platform is based on open source code and the Android platform supports the largest Android marketplace known as Google play store. Your app will run on multiple android devices at a single time. You can create Android apps easily by using different templates provided by the AppsGeyser platform. The top five app templates provided by this app include website template, video call-template, Messenger template, photo keyboard template, and Facebook template. Go ahead, select any template from the above-mentioned templates to create a great app, and publish it over the play store. Appsgeyser Platform makes it very easy for people who are not technically advanced to create Android apps just by using simple tools.

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023