Why You Should Build Apps For Android And Not For iOs?

Currently, there are almost about five billion mobile users around the world. In light of this fact, you cannot ignore the importance of the mobile application market. For your business, you need to have an app. So are you thinking to build a mobile app? But at the same time you are feeling indecisive because you do not know which platform you should opt for, Android or iOS, you do not know which platform will serve to be a nice option for your marketing and business career. At one moment you think of building an app for android but after a fleeting moment, you think to start with iOS. In this article, we have come up with certain facts and figures which will make it less troublesome for you to pick the most suitable platform to start your app-building with. Based on some facts we can say that android app building is a far more suitable choice than iOS for new developers. Read the following article and we will provide you the reasons and factors which will assist you in knowing why you should build an app for android and not for iOS.

Programming Language

At the very beginning, the question immediately pops up how to build Android apps for beginners, which programming language to choose? When we talk about programming language especially when it comes to somebody who intends to learn a language from the very beginning then we say Android is of much advantage here. Android app building uses Java as its programming language while iOS uses Objective-C. Now among these two programming languages, we consider Java easier language as compared to Objective-C. When dealing with Objective-C a developer needs to write more code lines than in Java. Java provides advanced data structures as well. Also, a huge advantage of learning Java as a programming language is that with this one particular language a developer can also build apps for any other platform other than android. Objective-C is useful only for Apple OS and iOS. So Java is presenting a stark advantage in going for Android app development to the developers who are yet at the stage of infancy because as we said it is more traditional, newer, and easier programming language to be learned.


We know that Android app development uses Java as its programming language which is also used in many mobile operating systems that include devices of Symbian, Ubuntu, and Blackberry. So here is another major advantage of building Android apps which is you can port your Android apps to any of these devices which are mentioned above and you can do it by making changes on a minimum level. On the other hand, Chrome OS is getting popular around the globe and it is also using Java. We can install Android devices on devices running Chrome OS. A recent announcement made by Microsoft says that the company is currently working on an important project which will allow the users to install Android apps on their Windows 10 devices. So this would eventually open a whole new market for Android apps which results in bright opportunities for the developers.

Google Play Store

For Android apps and iOS apps, there are different platforms where the apps can be launched. Android developers launch their apps on Google Play Store where the apps after a trice of launching can be accessible and searchable to several people around the globe. But this is not the case with Apple apps, because Apple apps are launched on Apple App Store, and in contrast to Google Play Store, Apple Play Store takes long enough to approve apps. A developer can go with this long process once but it will become a nuisance for app developers when they will face it every time their apps need to be updated because they will have to wait for weeks to see the updated version of apps in action. This process is not only time consuming but it delays the new features as well. If the initial version of the app has something in need to be fixed immediately, a developer cannot possibly get that done in a minimum amount of time in the case of iOS apps. So Android app developers are free of such inconveniences of longing for weeks and weeks for their apps to get updated rather they can perform this updating task many times a day. What else does an app developer could ask for when he can update his app many times a day and can fix the bugs without waiting for long hours?

Controlled Releases

Google Play Store permits the developers to release the alpha and beta versions of their apps in a monitored environment where a specific number of users get access to the app, to download and install it. So this contributes to giving quick feedback to the developers from that specific number of users and release the next version. In this way, developers can also get their apps updated, and also they can have control over the users who have access to that update. By receiving feedback from the controlled group, developers can make the required changes to their apps on time. But such features are not offered by Apple App Store to the developers.

Lower Costs

Many app developers who start from scratch are not in the position of investing much money so they are in search of a platform that suits their economic condition. So start app development for iOS devices should not be their choice because for that you need a Mac and almost $99 per year subscription. An app developer working for iOS cannot use other computers and operating systems as only Xcode is compatible with Mac OS. Xcode can be downloaded for free but for releasing apps on Apple App Store you need Apple Developer Account and this will cost you $99 per year. Android account is cheaper than Apple Developer Account, it costs almost $25 as onetime fee. Unlike iOS, Android Studio is compatible with Windows, Linux, and also Mac, so you can perform app development on almost every laptop or computer.

Market Share and Profitability

If we talk about the market share and profitability, Android is dominant with almost 80% market share. About 75% of people use Android and only 19% use iOS worldwide.  There are almost two to three billion Android devices including phones and tablets as compare to half-billion iOS devices. So this gives a better and bright chance of success to android developers because of its big market share. With many premium android devices, Android is no longer a cheaper platform. Android apps are as profitable as iOS apps with a unique advantage of lower costs of ads. So developers can show ads on low cost to a bigger market and make more profits than iOs apps.

What Can Help You To Develop Better Apps?

You are developing apps for Android device, as a fine app developer you need to get your app tested beforehand on real devices so that you can find and fix bugs. Sad to say that many advanced emulators can miss some issues with which the users do suffer later on and this is something that puts off a user. So bugfender is designed to help the app developers not only in finding and fixing bugs but it also helps developers in overcoming the issues of Android fragmentation.

The tool is particularly developed to report the failure as well as unusual behavior on real devices. Most of the time it is not possible to reproduce those issues in a contained environment, as a developer may not know what causes them. So bugfender sends detailed analysis of the app behavior even without having physical access to the specific device, by finding the root cause it debugs the issue, fixes and update the app on users’ devices.


This article was a platform comparison to help you make the right decision. We have read that the programming language of Android is far easier than that of iOS. We have also read about the diversity of Android’s programming language that is a developer can use this language and can build apps for many other platforms which is not possible with Objective-C, as it only fits with Apple OS or suitable only for iOS. Launching an app is itself a big task as a developer may get a tough time while dealing with app stores. But in this article, we have discussed how convenient it is to deal with Google Play Store which is a platform where Android apps can be launched. Unlike Apple App Store, a developer can fix the bugs, and also he can update the apps any time of the day without facing any trouble by the app store. Android’s users are growing at a faster pace. This also encourages the users to start developing an app for android because it has the largest continuously growing audience which means more users which ultimately results in more revenue.

I am pretty much convinced of building android apps rather than IOS. I hope most of you all accede and also concede the aforementioned arguments.

Now, are you ready to start making your free Android app?


Who has more Apps IOS or Android?

Android dominates the global market, with a share of approximately 66%, and surpasses iOS in terms of app downloads.

Are Apps better on IOS or Android?

There is an opinion that from the point of view of design, iOS apps look better. However, the number of app downloads always depends on Android. By choosing Android, you increase the probability of success of your application.

Android or IOS App development – What should I choose?

Development is easier, costs are lower if you choose to develop an application for Android. This is a fact.

And now, are you ready to start creating your Android app?