Build a Niche Android App Network to Build Your App Success

Making it big in the competitive world of Android apps is not as easy as it once was. As each day, week, and month goes by, there are more and more Android apps being developed and distributed. The window of opportunity is closing fast if you want to make it big in the Android app world. This is where we can help you. AppsGeyser is the world’s largest online provider of Android app templates, but this is not where AppsGeyser ends. AppsGeyser also offers realistic advice to help you succeed in your app making.

In today’s post, we are going to be taking a look at the smartest way for you to make a name for yourself in the Android app making arena. The aim is to get your name known, and to build a loyal customer base. The secret is to start small in a niche area, and build your fan base before spreading your wings.

What is a niche?

A niche is a small space that is set aside to focus upon one subject. For example, a niche in a wall is created to house an ornament. Our use of a niche is to find a small section of a topic that you can excel in. Let us take a look at the subject of gardening. This subject area is huge, and you can create hundreds of apps around this subject. That is a problem; if you can create hundreds of apps around this subject, then so can everyone else. We are suggesting that you find a dedicated subject area within your main subject to focus upon. Instead of focusing on gardening, focus on ‘house plants’ or ‘vegetable patches’. By narrowing down your subject, you are refining your niche, reducing unwanted competition, and focusing on your expertise.

Why are niche Android app networks successful?

There are a number of reasons why niche apps are more likely to succeed:

1. App name – If you are creating a niche Android app, you need to name the app using keywords. This will help the app be found in an organic search. With less competition in a niche, your app is more likely to appear in the top page for search results. To optimize the chances of your app being found in an app store search, make sure that the name is clear, concise and relevant to the niche.

2. App description and screenshots – You should be following through with your keywords on your app download page. The description should be brief, and explain what the app is about and why it was created.  Remember to include screenshots that back up the description. For example: Your niche Android app is called ‘house plants’, and your description explains that the app teaches you how to grow a plant from a seedling. A screen shot of a garden would be confusing, but a screen shot of a step-by-step guide to transferring a seedling into a plant pot would reassure the app user that this app is what they are looking for. It is vital that your app name, description and images reflect your app content. You don’t want app users downloading your app and then deleting it because it is not relevant to them. If your ratio of app deletion to downloads is high, then your Google ratings will decrease dramatically.

3. App network – From your niche Android app you can begin to create a family of apps. Let us remember our original app, the ‘house plants’ app. From this one app idea, you can create a number of niche relevant apps, including: a wallpaper app, a YouTube app, a content rich app, a picture game app. The opportunities are endless and with each app, you will be building your audience and their trust in you as an app builder.  An app maker that has numerous apps is perceived to have more knowledge, and is therefore more trusted.