How To Quickly Start Building An Instant Messaging Application

Building An Instant Messaging Application

With the growing business of app templates, we have witnessed that the messenger template has become the most popular one. There is a great demand for messenger templates in public. We have looked into the matter that what is making this messenger template so popular among the developers and the users and we have got several reasons in support of this messenger app.

At the start, Facebook was only meant for fun or friends only. Later Facebook introduced itself as a remarkable tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. So later on, Facebook besides being a source of pleasure for teens also became a great tool for team communication. This app which made it all happen is the messenger app. Now you have got a very strong platform “Messenger”, that has its huge user base. If we say that messenger has huge marketing potential then there is nothing wrong in saying so. As a business owner, you will look at this messenger app as a platform where you can grow your business. We are not just saying this. We have come up with several reasons why there is a growing demand for this messenger template and how this mere app becomes a business platform.

Here is why:

Powerful Growing Platform

We all know that the messenger app is Facebook’s version where you can send messages, pictures, or even make video calls to your friends and family. Today messenger is not just limited to only friends and family but people are using it as a ‘primary communication channel’ in their businesses to reach their customers.

Business Platform

Almost back in 2015, Facebook opened the Messenger App for business purposes. Many business pages can message their users through the messenger app. And just like that a lot of customers or users can now message owners asking about their product etc. It is so easy for the messenger app to stand out being a version of Facebook. It is the popularity of this app that people think of it as a good place where they connect with prospects, nurture their leads, and talk to customers. As this app is still new in the business world so there must be many untapped ways and a large number of opportunities that are yet to be explored by the users.

Direct link between you and your Customer

Since this app works by messaging so it makes you and the customer feel like friends. Messenger is no doubt a place where you can have a friendly chat with your customers. It is certainly difficult to deal with people when it comes to online shopping. Because everyone is into business so distracting advertisements are everywhere and people have a short attention span. So in such a situation, you can approach your customers directly via messenger and you can tell them that your company does care for them. Your business sells genuine products along with many other things that can prompt them to see your product. Messenger app is more like a short cut where you can openly converse with your customers and where you can show them that the customers of your business matter. If you look into statistics you will know that messenger is a platform made not only for pleasure but also for business purposes.

  1. Around 2 billion messages are delivered between customers and businesses each month.
  2. 56% of people prefer messages over calls.
  3. 53% of people shop from the place where they can directly interact via the messenger app.

And all of this shows that what a smooth relation messenger app has built among the business owners and customers.

Business Tool

Facebook has become a marketing powerhouse with a huge number of users. It makes you able to tell your story and sell your products through this rich media. You can start this by initiating a conversation with your customer. As a business owner, you can run ads on Facebook. And when people click on those ads a conversation in messenger opens up.

Here is how a messenger ad looks like:

instant messaging application example

The business prospects this messenger app is providing are mind-blowing. You can connect with your customers personally, you can have an answer question directly and last but not least you can also automate booking and sales.

We hope to this point of the article you know why there is so much demand for this messenger template.

How to Build an Instant Messaging Application

So when an app is in so much demand why not create one? You can create an instant messenger app for Android without coding. This instant creation of yours will make it possible for you and your app users to have an unlimited exchange of messages, calls, pictures, and locations. This app feature channels for different topics as well i.e. sport, education, news, etc. There is a feature of push notification in this app. This push notification will let the users know about their unread messages. The messaging app is free to use.

make instant messaging application
free messenger Android app

How to Develop a Messaging App

Developing a messenger app is like a piece of cake, it is too easy. You can choose the Appsgeyser Messenger template for creating an instant messaging app. Choose your messenger app template, get the colors, style, background image, channels, and customize it the way you like. In your messenger app settings, you can change colors of received messages, sent messages, action bar, and additional color.

Also, you can update your messenger app. Let us take a look at how you can get this messenger app updated the way you want. These changes are meant for a personal level and not on a global level. Whatever you will add, change, or update in your messenger will be only for you. It is not like your updated version of the messenger can be for your app users too. Once you are done customizing your app the way you like, you can simply message your users how they can also add such changes to their version of the app. You can add the following features in your Messenger App:

1. In-App Media Playback

Besides many other things, you can also add videos and audios that are hosted online, directly in your chats. When you do this, your video will open in a window and can be viewed without having to leave the app.

share files in instant messaging application
Messenger Android app new features. Multimedia support

2. Custom Stickers

You can have your customized collection of stickers to be used. You can create your custom-made stickers so that you can use them later while using the messenger app. Stickers are good in communication as they will make the tone of your message clearer.

send stickers in instant messaging application

3. Locations and Captions

You can now mark your locations, write captions with your photos, and keep track of your voice clips as well. This is all possible because of new emojis and link previews and also because many smart notifications have been introduced.

4. New Languages

When you are using the features provide by AppsGeyser, making an app becomes even more exciting. AppsGeyser has added a new feature that allows the messenger to use up to 11 languages. AppsGeyser supports almost 11 languages now to assist its users. Here is a complete list of updated languages: English, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Korean, Russian, Catalan, Parsi, Finnish, French, Galician, Japanese, Slovak, Chinese, Chinese (Hong Kong), Chinese Traditional (Taiwan). By providing different languages, AppsGeyser has made this messenger app rich in languages.

5. Bots

When you are customizing almost everything on your messenger app to make it sound more personal. Then why you should not add your personal code to make your app look more customized?  Bots can be coded for two purposes, for setting up a remainder and for adding new stickers. The thing is that the options are limitless. There are endless options that you can choose from or create from to make your app stand out. For creating a bot follow the Pollbot guide:

create bots in instant messaging application


This whole article is about this messenger app. We could have just told you about the creation of this app. But then you might not be intrigued about this app as much as you are now because now we have told you about the app’s demand and the reasons for its popularity. Now you know that this app is serving multiple purposes. Messenger app is no more a platform for only pleasure usage. This has become a very strong source of communication between business owners and customers. After reading the article you know this very well that messaging deepens the relation of owner and customer. To stay ahead in business competition, you cannot overlook the messenger app. With the messenger’s growing popularity in the world of business, it has become a preferred medium of communication for owners and another great tool to make money. Besides this, you can customize your app with the help of AppsGeyser to make it even more attractive for your personal use.