5 Reasons Why You Should Make An Android App For Your Community

Make An Android App Community

There are many news websites out there and even apps for the major cities, but is there an app out there for your community? For the people of your neighborhood? Maybe it is time that you make a community app Android users in your area can use.

Why make an Android app for your community?

There are many reasons why an app for your local community may be worth your while:

  1. Community information – Your app can serve as a base of local information that will help your neighborhood such as where is the local chemist, or doctor. What to do if there is an emergency or how to contact the local police.
  2. Discount deals – Where can you find a discount deal that can be used locally? This may be a deal that has been brokered with a local business or a coupon code that can be used for a larger outlet chain.
  3. Local news – Keep your readers up to date on local activities, such as what is going on at the local school, when the next village fete is taking place. Which community member is taking part in a charity event or what activities are going on over the summer holidays.
  4. Social interaction – A good community is a community that communicates and engages. Many communities have social network pages, but an app can also serve as a place for social interaction. Have an email address on your app so people can send in their comments or questions that you will upload. This will also ensure that people will use your app frequently.
  5. Business news – Find out where local businesses are and what they have on offer. This is also a good way to make some money as you can charge a small advertising fee to highlight certain businesses.

Is a community Android app effective?

An app idea does not always have to be a global venture. Sometimes starting local is the first and strongest step onto the Android app-making ladder. You may think that you need to attract the widest possible audience for your app. But, how about beginning by creating a smaller and more loyal fan base first?

A smaller audience allows you to focus on specific content. The more focused the content, the easier it is to update when required. Apps that people download for everyday information are apps that are known to be used more frequently, and thus will be more successful than an app that may be downloaded by more people, but is then discarded and goes unused.

A community-based app, is as it says, is an app that has been created for a very specific audience within a chosen location. These apps are very popular, as they help to bring local information and news to the people, and allow the community to come together and respond to what is happening in their area. The fundamental concept of an app of this category is to foster social communication and sharing of local information. This trick ensures that your app is used more frequently, and thus earns you more money.

Will a community-based app make me money?

We strongly believe that this app idea is one that makes app makers the most amount of revenue because of the ability to create private advertisements. Building a community-based app allows you to advertise local businesses and services. Try giving your audience exclusive app-based deals. This will encourage them to visit your app frequently. Local businesses benefit from the additional exposure, and you just get to sit back and enjoy the revenue that is derived from the advertisements. Private advertisements are generally secured for a three-month, six-month, or yearly term and are a constant source of income for app makers as opposed to banner ads, which generate a lower variable income.

How to build a community app in 5 steps

  1. Determine your audience

It will be easy to create your user personas if you already have an existing community on social media sites such as Facebook or your website. But if you don’t, you need to start by defining who your users are, what they do, their hobbies, and what’s likely to bring them together.

  1. What will be the app’s functions?

Your community is unique but some features in a community app are non-negotiable. Some must-have features include secure login, a user profile, search feature, add friends button, newsfeed, notifications, media files upload, and live chat. Once you get these, you can consider secondary functions that are good to have such as calendar integrations and live-streaming.

  1. Find a developer

Once you have your idea on paper, talk to several developers and ask them how much they would charge to make such an app. They should consider the mandatory features and give an estimate of the time required to build the basic app and cost. Ask them how much it would cost to add any other function that you may be interested in.

  1. Settle for a design

It’s important to have a prototype that you can share with developers. But in case you don’t have a prototype, talk to designers who can give you an idea of what your app might look like. It’s common for professionals to offer various options so that app owners can compare and make a decision.

  1. Create the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Now that you have defined the core features and a prototype, it’s in order to begin working on the basic product. In fact, your developer doesn’t have to wait on the final designs. They can begin with the app’s architecture, backend, and other components as you decide on the final design. Make sure you get a demo session now and then to test the completed features before they go to the next part of the app creation. Once they have the final feature in place run a demo to see how your app works. If you are satisfied, introduce it to the marketplace and get real users to test it. It’s crucial for your developers to be ready to make any changes or fix bugs before you begin inviting your community to download and use the app.

Make an app for free using AppsGeyser’s app-making tools 

Creating a community app couldn’t be easier…

There are many templates that suit the need for community-based apps. You can create an app using a forum-based website, and that URL can be linked to your app. We also strongly suggest that you add social networking pages. In addition to these tabs, we suggest that you create an HTML template for the front page, and add tabs for any other pages. The HTML page should be built with your private advertising in mind. Having a number of these pages, each with different categories will expand the opportunities to add more private adverts.

Try making an HTML page using our template today. AppsGeyser’s Android app builder will provide you with the tools you need to build your online community app, and you can always contact our team for assistance if you get stuck.