Create a Media Player App for Free

Make An Intuitive Media Playing App for Android Users Without Coding.

Build your media player app within 10 minutes by following a few simple steps. You can make an Android media player app with video and audio support without writing a code.

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Easy-To-Understand Interface

Let your users enjoy an easy-to-use, simple user interface with your media player app. Your media player app for android users is compatible with audio, videos, and images. Share your favourite music and videos with the world to engage your users.

Zero Design or Coding Skill Needed

You do not need coding or design skills and experience to make a media player app for android on AppsGeyser. Simply import your media files, add titles and necessary effects, and publish your media player app to the world.


Publish on Google Play

Share your media player app with android users globally on Google Play and other android-supported app stores. You can create, share, and download your android app for free on AppsGeyser.

Make Media Player App with Features!

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Core playback and library functions

Make your media player support primary core audio and video playback functions, including fast forward, reverse, skip, and variable playback speed.

Large Media Galleries

You can upload as many media files as possible on your media player app. You can upload over 100+ videos and audio files.

App Monetization

Make money with your android ap

Compatible with Android Devices

Create an app that works seamlessly with all types of android devices. Publish your media player app on Google Play and other android-supported app markets.

How To Create a Media Player App in Android Studio for Free?

7 steps to make a media player app for android users with AppsGeyser

  • 1
    Open Media Player App Template
    Visit AppsGeyser's official website,, and select the "Media Player” app template. You can also select the “Create App now” button on this page to get started with creating your app immediately.
  • 2
    Create Media Categories
    Create various media categories for your audio and video files to help your users navigate your app easily.
  • 3
    Upload a Streaming Link
    Copy and paste a direct link to the stream of your media files, including video, audio, and radio. This ensures your users are constantly engaged with your favorite media files when they use your app.
  • 4
    Customize the app
    Set up your app’s background image, color scheme, and other design effects to enhance the aesthetics of your app. You do not need any design experience to set this up.
  • 5
    Name your app
    Give your app a name. Make your website app searchable and visible on popular app stores, including Google Play, using relevant keywords.
  • 6
    Choose an icon
    Upload an app icon for your app or use one of the default icons provided by AppsGeyser.
  • 7
    Publish Your App
    Publish your Android media player app on Google Play and other Android-supported app stores to reach billions of users globally. You can also share the media player app with your friends, family, colleagues, and others.

Make a Media Player App Within 10 minutes!

Build an android app with amazing features using AppsGeyser. Find your niche, target smaller groups of individuals to create the buzz around your android app.

This would also help you find less competitive niches that you can explore to have a fair share of the app market. Think outside the box to create an exciting media player app for android users.

AppsGeyser – Media Player App for Android Maker for Free

Make, Download, and Share Media Player App for Free with AppsGeyser!

Media Player App – you can use AppsGeyser free app maker to build a media player app without the need to code. AppsGeyser offers over 35+ free app templates for education, gaming, or business to create a custom media player app for android users in a few simple steps. Simply upload your media files, name your app, and publish on android-supported digital app stores.

Why You Should Make the Media Player App?

Media player apps allow users to play movies and songs, organize their media collections, listen to internet radio, download, and stream music online, etc. Making a media player app for free on AppsGeyser will help users synchronize their media content with devices, easily search media files on a hard drive, find radio station broadcasts with an internet connection, etc.

You can also earn up to $1,000 monthly by monetizing your media player app.



Media Player Apps Already Created

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a media player app for Android on AppsGeyser?

To create a media player app for android with AppsGeyser, simply open the Media Player App Template on or click the “Create App Now” button on this page, upload your media files, customize your app, give the app a name, upload an icon, and publish on Google Play.

How to make an Android media player app without writing a code?

You must use the AppsGeyser Media Player App Template to create a media player app without coding. Upload your media files, give the files a title, fill the required fields on the template, and publish your app.

Where can I get media files?

You can use Google Search or use popular streaming websites to find your favorite audio and video files to upload on your app.

How many media files can I add to my media player app?

You can upload as many media files as possible, both video and audio. The more the media content on your app, the more your app users are kept engaged.

Can I add more media files or delete them after building my app?

Yes, you can add, delete, and replace any media file on your media player app, whether video or audio. To do it, you need to open the "Edit" menu on the admin panel. Apart from audio and video, you can edit the app name, description, icon, or design.

Can I make more than one media player app on AppsGeyser?

Yes, you can create as many android apps as possible on AppsGeyser without having to pay.

How long does it take to make a media player app for Android on AppsGeyser?

You can create your media player app from scratch and publish it on Google Play within 10 minutes once your audio and video files are ready.

Can I make a media player app online without downloading software?

Yes, making a media player app on AppsGeyser is entirely online. You can build your apps using your Android mobile phone.

Can I monetize my media player app?

Yes. You can join the Monetization program on AppsGeyser. Show banner ads in your Android app and get passive income. The more apps you have on AppsGeyser, the more money you earn.

What other Android apps can I develop on AppsGeyser?

You can find around 35+ app templates to create an android app on AppsGeyser without the need to write any code. You can create apps like quizzes, word search, web browser app, video chat, etc.

Why should I use AppsGeyser?

AppsGeyser is a simple-to-use and free app builder with no hidden charges. You don't need to know how to use drag-and-drops. To make apps, you just need to fill the forms. Building apps, getting your APK files is free of charge.

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