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Convert music, playlists and audio streams to Android apps in 5 minutes!

Make Music App Free for Android in a few simple steps. Turn favorite songs, singers, playlists, radio channels and live audio streams into a mobile app just by copy-pasting direct links to tracks and streams. No coding skils required.

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Live Music & Audio Streams

Convert music tracks and live audio streams into a mobile app. Build a player app with radio channels, playlists, music tracks, podcasts or any other audio live streaming content. You can create a Music Player app without coding!

Free & No Skills Required

Create a Music Player app in less than 5 minutes! Add direct links to audio and music streams, edit the app design, name your app upload the icon. No coding or special skills required. 

Developing and sharing Music Player Android app is free!


Share on Google Play

Share your Music Player app on Google Play and other app markets. With an instant access to the APK file you can publish your app within a few minutes. 

Making Music Streaming App with Features with Music App Creator

Live Audio Streaming

Add any audio streaming link to the app. You can make an app with podcasts, radio channels, music tracks of specific authors or genres.

Categories of Music & Audios

Group music and and audio streams in specific categories. Arrange the streams by genre, type, band or singer, country, etc. You can add to one audio category up to 20 streaming links.

App Monetization

Monetize the Music Streaming app and get a montly income. Join the Monetization program and earn money by showing banner advertising in your app!

All Devices Support

Music Player app is based on VLC Player. It's compatible with all Android devices.

make music app

How to Create a Music App for Free?

Convert live audio streams into APK in 7 simple steps

  • 1
    Open the Music App Template
    Click the "Create App Now" button. Or visit and open the "Music App" app template.
  • 2
    Edit Audio Categories
    Add and change audio categories for music streams. You can create a hundred of categories. For example, if you build a music app, you can split your streams by genres or regions / languages.
  • 3
    Add Streaming Links
    Add live links to music tracks and audio streams. In each category you can add up to 20 links. Make sure you copied direct links. Add covers and titles for each tracks or stream.
  • 4
    Edit Design
    Customize the app design: add a background image, edit a color scheme, update menu. You can skip this part and save the default settings.
  • 5
    Name your App
    Add the name of your app. It should be relevant to your app content. If you make an app with news radio channels, then the name should contain appropriate keywords (news, radio, etc).
  • 6
    Upload the Icon
    Upload your custom app icon or choose the default one. You can use online generators on the Internet to make an icon for your Music App. Keep it clean and simple.
  • 7
    Publish the App
    Publish your music player app for Android users on Google Play or other app markets.

Create a Music Player App with Free App Builder

You can create an Android app from any live streaming audio and music content with music app maker

Convert live streams with music tracks, playlists, radio into a mobile app without coding. Create a Music app with for a specific niche: music and playlist with rock or pop, retro radio channels, sport streams, audi streams with comedy shows or political podcasts, etc. Be creative and think outside the box!

Turn Music Streams into Android App in 5 minutes!

AppsGeyser - Free Music Streaming App Builder

Creating, downloading and sharing Music Player apps is free!

Live Music Streaming App Maker is a free and online platform to build and share Android apps with live audio streams without special skills. Make apps for your business or personal use just by following the simple step-by-step guide to no-code app development. You can find over 30 ready-to-use app templates for free

Benefits of Making Music Streaming App

Making an Audio Streaming app will help to grow number of users and subscribers of your own audio streams and playlists. Or you can create a Music Player app to make money. You can earn up to $1000 per month with an Android app. Give your users an instant and free access to the interesting audio content and make money! Hey, maybe your app will be the next Spotify?

Music Apps Created Already



Do You Have Questions?

How to convert music tracks to a mobile app for free?

To make an app from music tracks and songs, you need to go to the Music App Template on Edit audio categories, add direct links to tracks and audio streams, edit your app layout, name the app, upload an icon. It takes around 5-10 minutes to make a music app.

How to make a Music Player App for Android without coding?

To make a Music Player app for Android without coding, go to and “Music” app template. Fill the forms on the page, add links to music streams and make your app without any coding in the shortest time possible. 

Can I make a radio app with this template?

Yes, you can make a radio app with “Music” app template on AppsGeyser. Add direct streaming links to radio channels, categorize them, add covers and enjoy your Radio app!

What content do I need to make a Music Player app?

To create a Music Player, you need to find and prepare the following content: audio stream link or music tracks, covers and titles for them; background image, name, description and icon for your app.

Can I build a music streaming app online?

You can build a music streaming app on online. No need to install the app development software.

Can I monetize a music streaming app?

Join the Monetization program on AppsGeyser and start making money with your music streaming app for Android. You can make $500-1000 per month by showing banner ads in the music app.

Can I add more music streams and track links after making an app?

Yes, you add more tracks, links and categories to your audio streaming app. Open the “Edit” menu on your AppsGeyser Dashboard to edit the content of your app. You can add, delete and change categories, links, covers and titles. Also you can change the app settings: design, icon, name, description, features, etc.

How many audio streams can I add to a Music app?

You can over 200 audio trracks or streams to your Music app. Just group them in different categories for a better navigation. Each group can have up to 20 links. You can easily create over 10 categories.

Will you charge me for downloading the APK file?

We don’t charge for downloading apk files. It’s completely free for everyone despite their subscribtion plan on AppsGeyser. 

How long does it take to make a music streaming app?

Making a music streaming app can take 5-10 minutes if you have prepared your content for the app creation. It means if you have links with audio and music streams, covers for them. If you know how to name your app and you have an icon prepared.


What other mobile apps can I create?

AppsGeyser has more than 30 app templates for your business and personal use: mobile TV,  media player video messenger, texting messenger, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, photo keyboard, website, games, etc. Learn more on

Why should I use AppsGeyser App Builder?

AppsGeyser is free and simple-to-use. We provide over 30+ free app templates. No charges for making, downloading and sharing apps. The app creation process is simple as you have only to fill the required forms on the app creation page.

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