How to Create a Radio Station Android App And Customize It

Create a Radio Station Android App

There are times when you want to listen to music, but can not be bothered creating your own playlist. Well, don’t bother creating playlists any longer. Create your own radio station app free instead. When you create your own radio station app, you can listen to music from anywhere and at any time. Besides, you can share it with other users and boost the online listening revolution that’s already taking the world by storm.

In fact, if you still wonder whether it’s a great idea to make a radio station app, let us share some statics about online radio streaming that will inspire you. According to IBISWorld, the internet broadcasting market size in the US is estimated at $3.6bn today. This value is expected to grow by 4.8% in 2021. Between 2016-2021, the annual market size of Internet Radio Broadcasting grew by 1.6%. Now, it’s important to know that these values are just from one region, and that’s the US. Since an Android radio app isn’t something that’s constrained to one location, you may have millions of users from different parts of the world looking for an Android radio app like yours. This tells you that there’s a great opportunity for making money out of a radio app. 

And in case you are a DJ or you already own a radio station, radio station app development provides your listeners with another opportunity to keep up with your programs. An app comes in handy at a time where most people have Android phones and they prefer streaming music from their devices. Besides, reports show that 57% of Americans prefer to listen to Podcasts, a service that you can easily make accessible through your online radio. 

How to create your own radio station app free

The first step to coming up with an excellent app for your radio station is deciding the features it will have. You may want to take some time and study popular radio apps in the market. Look at how they operate and identify some qualities that make them stand out. Then, decide how you can become a worthy competitor. For instance, you may consider choosing a niche that’s not dominated by well-known online streaming platforms. You might even consider a popular radio station in your region with content that can attract international listeners. Whatever decision you make, consider having the following features on your content streaming app.

Some must-have radio app features include:

  • On-demand content

Today, people consume various types of content including podcasts, MP3 downloads, and others. This makes it necessary to consider making an app with such capabilities. Besides, making it possible to play on-demand content increases the options for listeners to keep engaging with your brand. Additionally, people can catch up with content they missed at their own time thanks to this app. 

  • Streaming

Your app should provide excellent quality and non-interrupted streaming. If possible, make it AAC+ streaming at 64Kbps. Any good app should also make it possible to stream in the background such that users can listen to music while browsing other apps. Similarly, consider having an app that can pause when the main functions of the phone such as incoming calls are activated.  

  • Compatibility With Different Platforms

Consider making your app not only available on Android but also on other platforms such as the website.  

  • Audience engagement

Listeners like it when they can communicate within the app. For instance, consider making it possible for them to request a favorite song, comment on your live programs, or just share where they are listening from.

  • Song information and program guide

This feature helps to keep your listeners in the know. Most people appreciate the ability to know beforehand what to expect. It also creates anticipation and it’s one way to keep them hooked on the app.

  • User notifications

Notifications are also another way of engaging with your listener through the app. You can use this feature to alert your listener when the app starts, about app upgrades, or broadcast when your team is up to something of interest to listeners. Notifications can be in the form of pop-up alerts or push messages. 

How to make a radio station app for free

Create your own radio station App of your choice is as easy as 1,2,3. We have designed a media player template that allows you to create an Android app from a range of radio stations. What we want to stress here is that you must check the copyright license law on the radio station that you wish to incorporate into your app. You should NEVER use a radio station that is not open to the public.

There are various websites that offer a range of different radio stations that might be of interest to you. Here is an example

Click on the radio station that suits your music preferences and then check their license. You also need to ensure that the image you are using for the station is available to use freely.

Having set that clear, it’s now time to get down to the practical part of making the app. 

1. Go to Create App.

  • Click on START NOW to start making your Android app.
  • Choose Media Player.
  • This template enables you to create video and audio streaming apps for Android. Besides an online radio, you can also use it to create audio and video players for Android. 
  • You will see a template description. After reading it, hit NEXT.

2. Specify App Settings

  • Specify the category of media and enter the required app details. 
  • You can have one category or more. Under each category, you have an option to specify the name and URL of the channels you want your radio to have. You can list more channels by clicking “add more.”
  • Enter the URL to the chosen radio channel and write its name. For each channel, you may add a unique image that will show when users are playing it. This helps with easy identification. 
  • Customize your app – use the provided buttons to set up the background color, add a background image for your radio, instruct whether users can add device videos or audios, and app color theme. You may also include attractive screenshots to show how your app will work. Also, write an app description. Make sure to include relevant keywords in the name and description. Also,  localize your app in your language
  • Click Create App to move to the next stage where you can fine-tune your app.

3. Add a name for your app.

  • Set the Radio icon. You may choose from pre-uploaded options or upload an icon from your storage media.
  • Preview your app to see how it works before building an apk file.
  • If you are satisfied, you may now press CREATE.
  • Your app is ready and you can download it. We hope you enjoy pleasant listening!


There you have your guide to create online radio station free of charge. Go make a free app that will actually earn you money. We hope that you enjoy the app-making experience with AppsGeyser.

Last Updated on May 26th, 2023