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Create Your Own Database App Without Any CODING Knowledge.

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Database App For Android


No Coding Knowledge Need

This database app maker for Android provides you with an easy-to-follow template. You can use our simple template to build your database app without any prior experience.

Free Android Database App Creator

Use Appsgeyser’s powerful database app creator to build a free online database app in a few simple steps. You can create an app without worrying about any extra monthly payments.


Publish Your Database Application on the Google Play Store

After you created your database application, you can share it with Android users on the Google Play Store. There are no hidden charges for sharing apps on Google Play or any other Android app store.

Launch database applications on your own!

Database App

Create Multiple Database Apps

You can create multiple database apps on our Free Appsgeyser database app creator template.

Customize Your Database App Theme

You even have the option to customize your database app theme with a background and icon that will suit the look you have in mind.

App Monetization

Join the app monetization program to make money with banner advertising in the database app.

Google Play Support

Upload your word database app to the Google Play store. The app supports all Android devices!

How To Building a Database Application For Android

8 Steps To Build a Database App

  • 1

    Open the Create App Template

    Click on the "Create App Now" button or visit, open the "Create App” template.
  • 2

    Follow The Steps

    Follow the steps and copy and paste your Database Online URL link into the search box.
  • 3

    Add a Theme To Your App

    Appsgeyer will automatically import content from your website and then suggest a suitable template for your app.
  • 4

    Name Your App And Submit An Icon

    You can now name your database app and upload your own icon or logo.
  • 5

    Select Your Features

    Choose the features you want to add to your app.
  • 6

    Choose Your Custom Language

    You can choose your own custom language for your app.
  • 7

    Preview Your App And Test It.

    Preview your app to make sure you are happy with how it looks before launching it.
  • 8

    Publish Your App On Google Play

    You can now publish your database app to Google Play. You can share your app with your team and business community.

Make Your Own Database Android App!

Create a database app with database app creator to build a custom database for your business or marketing strategies.

A database app allows you to have access to your database on your phone in seconds. If you are a business owner or marketing strategist this can be a great benefit.

Create a Database App for Android NOW!

AppsGeyser - Free Database App Creator

What is the best database app creator for Android?

5 Reasons why AppsGeyser is the best site to create a Free Database app

Benefits Of Building A Database App

Having your own database app can make your professional life so much easier! With your database at the touch of a button, you don’t have to carry your laptop around everywhere to meetings etc. You can even join the monetization program and make a little extra money on a monthly basis.



Database Apps Already Created

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a database app for Android?​

To create your database app for Android, you can go to our App Creator on AppsGeyser. Follow the instructions in the template and create database android your Augmented Reality App.

How do you create a database app without coding?​

To create your database app, you will need to follow the template instructions, it will take you a few minutes.

Can I create a database app for free? ​

Yes, it’s free to create your own database app on AppsGeyser. Open the free “Create App Template” and enjoy converting your online database into an app!

Can I edit my database app after I created it?

Yes, you can go and edit your app from the dashboard after you have created the app.

Can I build multiple database apps?

Yes. You can create an unlimited number of apps on AppsGeyser for free.

How long does it take to build a database app for Android?

It can take 10-30 minutes to create your app. Just follow the instruction and you will have an app!

Do I need any app-making software to use the free database app creator?

No, you don’t need to use Android Studio to create your app. Open on your web browser from a desktop or mobile phone and start making apps online!

Can I make money with a database app?

Yes, by joining the Monetization program. You can earn up to$1000 per month by showing banner ads in the database app created on AppsGeyser.

What other Android apps can I create? ​

You can find about 35 app templates on our website. You don’t need any coding knowledge to create your apps on our app creator. You can create Android apps like eBook readers, websites, YouTube channels, Facebook Page, handbooks. word search, puzzle, and some more. Go to for more information!

Why should I create a database app on AppsGeyser?​​

AppsGeyser is a simple-to-use and free app builder with no hidden charges. Building apps on our platform and get your database app APK files are free of charge.

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