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Create Free Android Messenger App

Communication is deeply knitted with human existence. We can say that communication is an integral part of our existence. We cannot think about our lives without communication, or can we? Let’s just stay quiet for some time as if someone has not allowed you to communicate. How would you feel? You would feel suffocated and nothing less. From personal life to professional life we need to communicate so that our ideas can be heard. In daily life, we communicate to deal with concerns of life.  In professional life, it is through communication that we can build healthy relationships and credibility with co-workers.

Effective communication is a vital tool in every sort of business. Your activities or your business, everything will become a standstill if you ignore the importance of communication. We will not be wrong to say that communication has now become indispensable. For every business organization, communication is a life-blood. And talking about today’s globalized market economy, effective communication is very important for the survival of any organization. Good communication skills are required for everyone being at any social position. It extends across all the areas of business including managerial, technical, clerical areas, etc.

Many factors have successfully contributed to the significance of communication. These factors include faster modes of communication due to advancements in technologies, shrinking of boundaries, and availability of faster communication means. The growth of multinational companies which resulted in the formation of a globalized market economy runs on effective communication.

So you have seen the importance of communication in both daily lives as well as in professional life. Considering communication as a dire need of business organization, AppsGeyser is once again at your service. AppsGeyser lately released the most requested and anticipated template, which is a free messenger android app template. Leave your other slow means of communication and try to create a free messenger android app for your circle of contacts.

free messenger Android app
free messenger Android app

Does Your Business need a messenger app?

If you imagine you can run your business without effective communication, think twice. Because in that case, you may have some serious efficiency problems which will soon leave you and your business empty pocketed. Communication is an important tool and a vital part of our business. With continuously evolving technology you are provided with the flawless tools in the form of messenger apps to ensure that your communication goes smooth.

Why should you use free messenger Android app template?

Messenger is a unique web service for instant messaging. It helps in the rapid transfer of knowledge and ideas. Like in just a couple of clicks you can do wonders. You can send images, texts, also you can have a video conference with your employee or employer. With this template that AppGeyser is offering you, you can do many things:

  1. You can interact with other users. It can be your friends or colleagues or even your boss.
  2. You can swiftly exchange useful and interesting content.
  3. With this app, you are provided with internal communication.
  4. This app is simplest to use as a tool for your business purposes.
  5. The app allows its users to adapt it to suit their business branding.
  6. This app can also be used as a customer service tool to respond to inquiries.

Besides many other functions, this app allows you to communicate your business news to your intended audience.

How to create this app by using free messenger app template

If you are willing to make a free messenger android app with AppsGeyser template then congratulations this would be your best decision and you will be going to like this experience for going with AppsGeyser free services. So the creation of this free messenger android app with AppGeyser will take hardly five to six minutes of yours. Try to make your app a well-created app. Be careful about what colors you are going to opt for. Because light pairing of colors will not irritate your eyes as much as if you go with vibrant colors. AppGeyser provides you several options to make your creation stand out. Also before you start your app creation, make sure that you have saved the images which fit best with your branding style, in your mobile or laptop.

Now after doing the above-mentioned things, you can start with the following steps.

Let’s begin

1. Click on Create an app

android app game  template

2. Choose the free messenger Android app template (individual menu tab)

free messenger android app
choose the free messenger android app from the web section

3. Change the styling and colors to what suits best your branding.

Many options can help you make your app a smart one. You will have options for:

  • Select the Action bar color.
  • Select Additional color.
  • Select Background color.
  • Select color for your message bar.
  • Select color for received messages.
  • Color for the text message. For example, in which color you want your text to be.
  • Set a background image from your mobile’s gallery or your laptop’s folder.
free messenger android app
Plan branding style for your free messenger android app

4. Enable tabs for different dialogues.

You can select at least up to five tabs. These are not the only functionalities, you can also add channels or supergroups which will assist you in communicating directly with your users. AppGeyser also provides you the link from where you can select a variety of stickers to be used while communicating.

5. Choose your app name and complete the description

Always use proper punctuation and grammar while describing your app. You must introduce your app clearly. Write about the most notable features of your app in the description. The language you use must be conversational. Explain briefly how and why your app will benefit the users. While keeping your targeted audience in your mind you must define and highlight the features that will greatly appeal to them. Show off your app as much as you can and let the users know that your app is a different one.

Android App Making Tool Template

6. Click create app and you are ready to go

7. If you want some more changes in your app you can click on Edit in your Dashboard.

After adding a description, if you want some more changes in your app you can click on edit.

How helpful messenger app can be for your business

Business owners should focus on communication. Without smooth communication, buying and selling products will become an onerous task for you to do. This free android messenger app will help you in many ways:

By using this android free messenger app, you will become a leader with good communication. A leader who is fine in communicating with employees will encourage them to achieve their shared common goals. With open communication be it a text message on messenger or a video call, workers in a team will better know their responsibilities and they will feel free to ask for help at any time. Also when you communicate with people respectfully, it will certainly create an atmosphere of positivity. Through this free android messenger app, workers will get to know each other through which they can build positive team morale which is good for your company’s productivity. And all of this will make your business a well-organized business.

It Encourages Feedback

Through this effective means of communication, people will feel confident at talking and this will be a great way to give them the freedom to express their ideas. This android free messenger app is quick in delivering messages. So it will be very much easy for the management to give feedback to employees about how they are performing. The employees by using this free messenger app can tell the management about how the company’s policy is working. If there will be anything that needs a quick fix, management will do this on time because of fine interaction with the workers.

Boosts relationship with customers

This free messenger app will not only be a source of communication among the management and the workers, but it will be a source of developing a good relationship with the customers as well. Through this exceptional means of communication, you will be informed about the needs and wants of your customers timely. All this will increase the customers’ interest in your products and this would eventually help your business in growing.

Now you know how in several ways effective communication is beneficial. By using the free android messenger app you can establish strong business relationships, formulating ideas, and help your team to surpass the challenges which you will face otherwise because of lack of communication.  


We hope that this article convinced you that the android free messenger app must be your preferred marketing channel. Messenger marketing also involves the use of automatic software or chatbot builders to send push notifications and conversations over the targeted audience. The most exciting fact about this android messenger app is that you need not invest in it as you used to do for your various other marketing channels. It is absolutely FREE