Making an Android App: Having The Right App Idea

The Right App Idea

Coming up with a new idea for an android app can be seen as a wonderful starting point, given that if it is the best idea for an android app out there, would mean that you have been able to accomplish what the majority of people view as the most integral aspect of the app-building process.

The next step, however, would be to attempt to translate this simple idea for the android app into reality. This could mean getting together a team to help you develop or even hiring a web development agency to handle it. The truth is, unless you have years of experience in programming, marketing, and system design, there is a massive chance that you will need a bit of help down the line.

The simplified step to having an app is to first brainstorm a new idea for an android app, begin developing that idea, then develop the app, get it launched and then promote it on the play store. This seems enough, however, there are quite a number of steps in between that can be fraught with difficulty and hurdles that have to be surmounted.

If you have been following this blog, you will understand that having an idea for android app development4 is just the first step. We understand that, and that is why we’re going to dive into one of the major points of a new idea for an android app and that is finding out just how imperative it is to have the right app idea from the beginning. Let us begin!!!

Note to remember:

The first step would be to take a look at the plethora of apps on the play store, specifically those that are placed at the top of the app charts. To gain further insight, you can move on to other operating system app stores to get a greater sense of the type of apps that are in demand. When looking at these apps, take the time to note the style and type of apps achieving this success, this will show you where the customer or user demand for the apps are. Take the time to see if there is a possible way for you to create an app that is similar to the one that catches your eye. Now it is imperative to note that you don’t have to use a similar subject matter, but there is nothing wrong with using a similar learning style.

Why select an app style that appears in the top apps category?

When just starting your career and formulating your idea for android app development4, you do not have an already established audience base. This means you will have to set to create one if you want to be successful. Typically, apps that show up in the top app categories already have an existing userbase that flock to its content. This means that there is a proven demand for that app and the value it offers. This helps to eradicate the speculation out of thinking of a simple idea for an android app. You usually do this for your very first app, then once you gain a bit of a following, you can then move on to a more exciting and newer idea for android development4 projects.

App developer ideas to avoid

Quite a large number of app developers tend to make the seemingly innocent yet disastrous error of developing an original new idea for an android app. While there is nothing wrong with this in the grand scheme of things, it can be quite disheartening to put that amount of time and effort, only for the app to falter in the app store, failing to draw a large audience to it that makes it viable. When you do not have a large audience downloading the app, the amount of effort you have put into it can seemingly be for naught and you end up losing money. There are so many examples of apps being built only to have no pre-existing audience for them. This eventually causes numerous talented and creative app makers to suffer from a lack of confidence which then makes them simply stop developing apps. You must avoid this seemingly simple mistake of not gaining a pre-existing user base for your app before developing it.

Is copying an already existing app the thing to do?

If there is one thing you should never do, it is copying an already existing app. Not only is this morally wrong, but it could also cause you to get sued for copyright infringement down the line should your derivative be discovered. What you should instead do is observe the style and theme of the app you admire and look for a way to better it. This could be improving or modifying the app’s style, however, you should never copy the content. While this can be difficult to do, it is not impossible. Take, for example, Sudoku, there are numerous Sudoku apps available for download, however, there are some top apps that appear more successful than others. What you do is learn from these top ones and find out what exactly those apps have that make them successful. You should always remember that perfection does not exist, everything can always be improved upon.

Don’t forget to brainstorm

Brainstorm numerous ideas and write them on paper to discover ways to improve a pre-existing app. Ask those around you what they like about the app and what they don’t like about it. This can enable you to gain the best idea for an android app by leveraging what you know about the app and how it can be improved upon. While these exercises might seem time-consuming, they often make the difference between creating a great app and creating a successful app.

Questions to ponder on your idea for the android development journey

  1. What can be done to improve this app?
  2. Is it possible to progress this app?
  3. Where is the app in question most downloaded from? 
  4. Can it be marketed to another demographic?
  5. What is the competition out there like?
  6. How long has the chosen app been marketed?
  7. Is it a seasonal app?
  8. How much does the app cost?
  9. Is there an already existing internal monetization structure on the app?
  10. If there isn’t, how can it be incorporated?

Steps to making an Android app

The first step would be to develop your initial idea as detailed and thorough as possible. This means that every one of your thoughts should be documented. When trying to come with your idea app for android, imagine, and write down as much detail concerning the app as possible. Doing this is extremely valuable as the idea app android will be able to be transformed from just a new idea for android app to a full-fledged design.

After developing your app, you would have to create an app marketing plan which also includes a strategy for prelaunch. This strategy typically begins way before the app is ever officially launched. The marketing strategy would be to provide your idea for an android app the sufficient leverage it requires so that it can be discovered during app store searches. Trying to transform your best idea for the android app concept into a successful app that sees growth is going to be quite a challenging process. It is imperative that you do not lose sight of that. When you see the simplicity of an app and the way it is used, you should know that it is down to the app designers being thorough with their development, design, and testing process. This ensures the app meets or supersedes the expectations of its prospective users.


Being able to understand the process behind transforming an idea for android app development4 into a working app that has an audience is perhaps the most imperative step you can learn when it comes to app development.

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023