New Hobby & Art Community App Template

We are glad to release our new template Hobby & Art Community!

Create and monetize knowledge-sharing community to provide your users with quick access to know-how information and new skills by connecting them with experts and like-minded people. Build your own community with the topic you are passionate about. 

Our new features help you to:

  • Share your expertise, skills and knowledge with people;
  • Connect like-minded people in your location or around the world;
  • Easily create amazing content that can keep you in contact with people;
  • Give personal consultations to members of community;
  • Monetize your knowledge and skills.

Engage people within your community in any field – photography , smartphones, action cameras, gaming, sport, interior design, music, cooking, travelling, fitness, crafts or any other

Even if you have no expertise in any field, you still can create, host, moderate community and profit from it. Just don’t forget to ask experts to join it, so they can share everything they know and create valuable content.

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