How to Create a Telegram Group And Manage it Like a Pro

How to Create a Telegram Group

Telegram has become a popular chat platform among different users from around the world. It works just like most of the chat platforms, such as Whatsapp. But unlike Whatsapp, Telegram offers more opportunities in terms of how you want to communicate with your contacts. You can conduct text and video chats with one person or chat with several people at once by forming a group. The platform has gone further to make it possible for users to create groups and channels which they can make open or private to select members.

There are different reasons for considering a Telegram group. For once, the platform offers everything you will require to build and run a community. You can share various types of content in these groups, including interactive PDF files, texts, and multimedia. In a group, participants are free to share their content as well and comment on conversations. This makes Telegram groups a perfect place to engage and stay in touch with friends, family, or customers.

A user may choose to have as many groups as they wish. The smallest group on this platform can accommodate 200 members. This is suitable for small teams, relatives, or friends. But if you intend to grow your brand through the platform, there is an option for you to do so. To build your brand using the platform, your best option is a group that can host as many people as possible. 

Telegram enables you to form groups that can host up to 200,000 people. When you wish to grow your members to this number, it could be helpful to turn the group into a Telegram Supergroup. This way, you increase your Telegram group limit to the tune of 200,000 members.

What is a Telegram Group and Super Group?

Telegram supergroups are the home of large communities. As mentioned earlier, they can host up to 200,000 subscribers. The advantage of turning your basic group into a supergroup to accommodate your growing community is because the latter is particularly optimized to suit large groups. 

Essentially, you get the opportunity to manage your large community effectively. This is because the company offers advanced community management capabilities in Supergroups that aren’t available in a regular group. For instance, when managing a large community, you require some level of control over the content. But in regular groups, members have the freedom to post anything.

Here is a look at how a supergroup makes it possible to manage large communities:

  • Admin Privileges – Since this is a large group, the creator will require some help to run and manage it. Telegram has taken care of this need by enabling creators to choose multiple admins and assign them the privilege to add or remove members, moderate comments, pin messages on top, e.t.c.
  • Pin Messages – Telegram provides an option for group admins to attach an important message at the top, for instance, group rules, and notify every member of the group.
  • Bots – You can automate some aspects of your group conversations using bots. For instance, you may run games, polls, or make payments using bots.
  • Invite Links – Get new members to join your group by clicking a link. You can dictate whether the new subscribers will see previous chats.
  • Replies and Mentions – Reply to a specific conversation by swiping it across or tag a participant by pressing “@” and clicking their name. The person you mention will get a notification even when they have set this chat on mute.
  • Create Public and Public Groups – Decide whether your supergroup will be open to everyone or specified members. If you create a public group, anyone can search the group using its username and join. But when it comes to the private group, you’ll have to invite the members either by adding their names or sharing the group’s link. Anyone with the link will join your private group.
  • Recent Admin Actions – This feature helps to deter confusion among admins by showing tasks performed by each admin in the past 48 hours. This way, no admin can repeat tasks and the creator won’t wonder who didn’t what.
  • Partial Bans – Telegram has figured out a way to manage those members who might be a nuisance, and they are common in large groups. A Telegram group admin doesn’t need to ban a member out of the group completely. Instead, they can now set them to a read-only mode or impose several limitations on such a user to create order.

Simple steps to create Telegram Group:

1. Install the latest Telegram for Android.

2. Log in, in sidebar press “New Group”.

click create new group on telegram menu

3. Add at least one of your friends and press continue.

add at least one friend from the list

4. Enter name for your group and press create.

name your telegram group

5. Tap on the group name.

tap the group name

6. Tap “Add member”.

add more telegram group members

7. Tap “Invite to Group via Link”.

choose invite via link

8. Tap “Copy Link”.

copy the group link and share it

9. Share link with your friends.

TIP: We recommend you to restrict group permissions, so your users won’t be able to change descriptions and icons. There are few steps to do it:

1. Tap on the group name and Edit icon.

choose edit menu

2. Tap “Permissions”

open permissions menu

3. Slide “Pin Messages” and “Change Chat Info” to the left.

disable pin messages and change chat info

How to add members to Telegram group

When you wish to include just a few people in your group, you could add them one by one by using the “Add Member” option. However, there is an easier way of doing this especially in an open group that can have as many people as possible. This method involves using an invite link. You simply create a link and share it with people through your blogs, social media posts, SMS, or any other method. Those interested can click the link and will be taken to your group. It’s super easy to create this link. Go to your group’s Info, click add a new member and choose “Invite to Group Via Link.” Get that link and share it wherever you want people to access it.


If you are interested in a fast and reliable messaging platform, Telegram is your go-to solution. Individuals and businesses can chat with their contacts, sharing content with one contact only or to several people at once. One can have numerous groups and choose to make them private or public. Besides text messages, you can also do video calls and share various types of content. Unlike most chat platforms in the market today, Telegram goes a notch higher to provide the tools to create and manage groups for large communities. This feature comes in handy for businesses and organizations who want to keep their customers engaged, build loyalty, and gain important insights about their consumers.



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