How to Make a Cookie Clicker Android Game in 5 Minutes

The global game market is generating $100 billion every year. Game developers understand the need for games and create more game action with versatile features.

You can build a piece of digital art that regulates around the world. You can create a lot of money by Android App games. With AppsGeyser, we allow you to make a cookie clicker game within minutes. This template lets you make a fun cookie clicker game, which can result in higher revenue.

The Android business is vast, where game developers are earning crazy money just by making a simple yet addictive game by distributing it to their audience. Your branding style will be known to the people, and one game can change the dynamics of business now.

Many industries introduce games in their apps to keep their audience busy and interested in their app. You just need to make a cookie clicker game within minutes, and who knows that It builds you a whole lot of fandom.

Why Make a Cookie Clicker Game?

Cookie clicker game is fun and, most of all, addictive. It doesn’t let your user get bored. This is the huge perk of the cookie clicker game. This is a psychology of human being that they tend to come back to the things which excite them.

As a game developer, your thought process should be aligned with creating addictive games for your users. Cookie clicker game gives your user many options to stick to your game and keep coming back to it. This game can change your existing business revenue in days as introducing fun, and addictive game will generate more users to play the game.

Some will come to explore what the hype is all about and end up playing it. The main aim is to create a fascination among people that they spend quality time on the app.

Cookie Clicker game is not just another mainstream game for your app business. This will create a huge audience by word of mouth. If you generate this app and audience seems to love it, then boom! Your app business will reach the heights of success, just with one cookie clicker game.

App Visibility

The idea is to create visibility of your brand, and that can only come by having a huge audience in your pocket. What do you do if nobody uses your application already?

Then introduce a game that intrigues people and keeps their fingers on the mobile phone. You are getting the algorithms wrong if you are stuck at the primary stage. AppsGeyser allows you to create an app within minutes.

Nowadays, people go for games that have unbelievable concepts and keeps them busy for a longer time. Game developers are striving hard each day to bring their imagination into an app that will cover all the factors at one time.

This can be true and not at the same time. With cookie clicker time, we give you both the chances. Cookie clicker game defines itself that it requires clicks, and by this user will have more points. This is all easy as a pie if you have AppsGeyser at your rescue.

Step by Step Guide to Make Cookie Clicker Game

Follow the guide below to know how to make a cookie clicker game from AppsGeyser. It takes less than five minutes to make a cookie clicker game on AppsGeyser.

Click this link, and you can create your first cookie clicker game.

Tap a Cookie Clicker Android Template

1. App Settings

After clicking a link above, it will lead you to this page. This page includes App settings. It gives you the option to add multiple phrases in your app. It also includes a template to lead you to what kind of phrases you should add. Make it more casual so that users love to engage in your app.

Phrases can be:

  • Super tap!!
  • Good job!!
  • Cool tap!!
  • Not bad!
  • Super mega tap!
  • Ultra tap!
  • Tap monster!!

The image below shows what options you will have. On the right side, there is a live preview of your Cookie clicker game in the making. Click to preview and make an exciting game in just 5 minutes.

Make a Cookie Clicker Android

2. Appearances

This part lets you choose what you want your game to be about. You can custom make it in this part. Choose from the options other than a cookie and create your muffin, anima, cake, or heart game. If you want to go with Cookie, then make a cookie clicker game with the just default template. The next part in Appearance is “background.” There are many options given in AppsGeyser for the background. You can choose the one you like more. Then you hit the “Next” button.

Customize appearance for a Cookie Clicker Android game

This is the Appearances section, which lets you choose the theme of your game. It gives you customized options. 

3. App Name

As a game developer, think what app name would be suitable for your app. Your app name should be very interesting and catchy, so people love to try it in the first instant. Take suggestions from friends. Brainstorm the idea. Make it unique as much as you can. When you decide your app name, type it there, and hit the “Next” button.

Name a Cookie Clicker game

Select the unique name of your app and enter to make a cookie clicker game.

4. App Icon

There are two options presents here—default or custom icon. We already have a default icon available for you, but it also gives you the chance to upload a custom app icon of size 512 x 512. The default icon is shown when you click on the option. It is your choice what you want to go with. You can always press the preview button at the right to preview your game in the making.

Upload an icon for a Cookie Clicker Android game

Choose a custom icon or default icon of your own choice as you can see that we have selected a theme from the previous step, and the live preview on the right side shows us the preview of the theme. This shows you how your app will look on an Android phone.

Create an App:

The last part is to make a cookie clicker game. This part is the final part where you bring your unique and addictive tap game into existence. You hit the create button. Sign in with Gmail or register yourself. Voila! Your game is ready. Share with your friends and people you want it to play. Market your app, tell people how interesting it is. Suggest it to your friends, share it on social media. Play and let people play so they can get addicted to your game within minutes.

Your game app is ready! Hit the create button, and it will lead you to the creation of your app. If it shows sign up or register option, then it means you are not registered with AppsGeyser, just log in with g-mail or register and make an amazing game app.

This is how you can create a game within minutes. AppsGeyser gives you a platform with an easy guide and template to make an app that reaches to masses and boost your app business. People will identify your business by your app, and you will get the visibility you deserve just by this app. AppsGeyser has easy templates that make your game app easy for use and make.

Make Your Dream a Reality

If you always had a dream of developing a game, then this is your chance to make your perfect custom game. Let it not be a dream anymore and create revenue from your app by bringing your imagination into your app. AppsGeyser has easy to go templates, which creates a magical fascination of thousands of people into a reality within 5 minutes or less.

How does Cookie Clicker Game work?

This game provides a timer to your user. Users have to play the cookie clicker game and tap the Cookie until the timer is over. The interesting part is that AppsGeyser gives you versatile options in making your own game distinctive from others. You don’t have to make it just a Cookie clicker game. You can make it an animal, person, moon, cake, heart, or even virus game. You need to bring your innovative imagination while creating this app on Apppsgeyser. You have to upload all the required images and write phrases for your custom mobile game.


  • Create a unique theme that is different, so your user enjoys being on your game app.
  • Target small group of people, it can get more popularity from there, and once it has good popularity ration, your game will reach out to masses on its own.
  • Create your app on a niche that is different from huge players on the app market.
  • Start by creating an app for your social group.
  • Make an app on distinctive and less popular language for the target audience.

Start making your Cookie Clicker game and gain ultimate revenue now through our free template! Follow our social media channels to get instant updates and contact us for any help.