How to Update Your Android App Effectively

Update Android App Effectively

You have developed an amazing game, and the audience is loving it so far. Don’t think for a minute that your job is done now, and you have to update your android app for the users, so they don’t get bored. Users like one app, but when features are not updating, and nothing exciting is popping up on their screens. The user will definitely go for uninstalling the app.

It’s a developer nightmare. Nobody would want their apps to be uninstalled, as it affects the ranking of your app as well. Bugs and security breaches will cause a problem for app developers.

We suggest you take action at the right time. The safest method to follow is to give updates in your app, make it thrilling for the user to think the second time while un-installing your app.

Why is it Important to Update your Android App?

Many components play an important part in ranking your app higher on Google Play Store Uninstallation of your app will lower your ranking, and ranking won’t improve either.

How do you think, so the big platforms as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have the amazing hits of installs every minute?

They regularly update their apps and introduce new features for users, so they stick around for a longer time. These platforms have good ratings because of their consistent updates.

We suggest you update your android app regularly, so users don’t uninstall your app.

What are the steps to update your Android app?

To update your Android app, you have to increase the version code in the base module. Then, you have to build and upload a new app bundle. This is how Google Play will generate updated APK’s with new version codes. It will then update the users for the new update.

What is Android App Bundle?

The Android App bundle generates optimized APK’s for every user’s device configuration. Users only download the resources and code to run your app. The feature of the Apps bundle will allow particular features to be downloaded when demanded by the user.

To update your android app, you have to make changes to Android App Bundle or APK.

Now, you have to make sure that you do the following steps so that the user will get your update.

Prepare the Update:

  • Android App bundle or updated APK should be same as the current version
  • The version code should be greater than your current version.
  • Android App Bundle or APK should be signed with a similar signature as your current version.

How to Confirm APK’s signature?

You need to make sure that APK’s signature is successfully verified on all the versions of the Android platform, which are supported by APK. You can confirm the APK’s signature verification by the “apksigner” tool. You can do it by the following syntax:

apksigner verify –verbose –print-certs apkname.apk

If your signature is not verified, then you have to use the key linked with APK that you already uploaded.

How to Confirm App bundles certification?

To update your android app, you need to confirm that your App bundle is using the same certification as the former version. You can confirm the App bundles certification by running the following command on both versions and then compare the results.

$ jarsigner -verify -verbose -certs my_application.aab

If the results depict the same, then all is set, and you are using the same key. But If the results are different, then you are in a problem. You have to re-sign the app bundle with the right key.

  • Active status of updates on your Android App:
  • You have to upload your APK or App bundle, and your updated artifact is ready. After the update submission to an App, you will find the “Update Pending” status at top right on the app’s Play Console page.
  • Wait for it to be published
  • Once it is published, your update will reach out to all the users.
  • Now app update will be active, and users can download the update.
  • Users can download your updated app version from My apps pages or Play Store App.
  • If users have automatic updates on, your app on their phones will be automatically updated.

This is how you can update your Android app on Google Play Store.

Why users prefer the updated version of Android apps?

Users will love your app and won’t uninstall it if you have to offer new features and exciting updates in your app. Being a developer, it should be your prime responsibility to update your android app to bring versatility to your app. It is a fact that most of the users uninstall the app if there are no new updates from a month. Let’s see why users prefer an app with updated versions:

1. Good Performance

As when you update your android app from Google Console, it will fix all the bugs and glitches. This will show enhanced and good performance of the updated version of the app.

As an App developer, you should take all the feedback of the app and improve the app performance in the next update. No user will keep the app that is not functioning right. When you update your android app, the speed and performance will be better than before.

2. New Exciting Features

As an app developer, you should update your Android app regularly, add new features in it so users can enjoy and explore your app more. For example,


Instagram introduces new features every two weeks, and sometimes there is a new story feature. It also lets people come live on the app and use different filters. It has recently introduced the feature, which gives the bloggers a chance to create their filters with their names so their fan following can use them.


Facebook is leading the world by most download hits every minute. Why is it so much liked by the users? It is liked by the masses of people because it is easy to use and has a lot of new features. Facebook app developers regularly update their app to remove bugs from the app and add new features so users can explore their apps more. This enhances the user experience.


At first, Snapchat introduced the live stories concept. It was loved by the users, and so many big platforms like Instagram and Facebook also added live story features on their apps. Innovative updates are the key to engage users in-app. Although Snapchat takes a lot of battery usage, users still tend to love it anyway.

Snapchat has recently introduced the “streaks” feature, which lets you connected with friends all the time. You can end your live pictures with a friend and connects with them. This means that even user has nothing to post on Snapchat they still would use the Snapchat for streaks.

All these tricks and tactics are to engage users on the app for a longer time.

When you update your Android app, features that are not used by users anymore, you should eliminate or remove the unpopular features.

3. Data Security

The most significant thing for the user is their data. It’s important for you as an app developer to ensure users about the safety of their personal data and information. When you update your android app, you rectify all the detected bugs. This also gives the user surety that their personal data is getting more secured with each update.

4. App Rebranding

When you update your android app, you have the option to update anything. Some app developers now update the app by giving it a complete makeover. They do a rebranding of their app completely, and it is also liked by the users.

Users get excited by the new look of the app, to see colors, and your app becomes more captivating to users than before. Update your android app by giving it a new brand identity and enjoy the user response.

People often accept it whole-heartedly, and some object as the previous version was better, but you got to update your android app for enhancing user experience and get a chance to be the talk of the town by showing versatility in your features.

5. Risks of Outdated App

The lags and security holes in the operating functionality of mobile applications are often found. When companies are not vigilant enough about the bugs and patches in their mobile app, they try to fix it as soon as possible.

Then, they publicly release the document to explain about the vulnerabilities of the app. This gives hackers or cybercriminals a way into the system. They often steal important details, personal data, credentials, banking details from the app, and become the major threat to the organization. You need to update your android app regularly to be safe from cybercriminals.

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