Make a YouTube Channel App in 3 Minutes

Nowadays, people don’t use TV channels to watch their favorite shows. Everybody runs towards YouTube as you can watch your favorite shows anywhere.

This can be easier for the audience if you make a YouTube channel app. You already have a successful YouTube channel; now, just convert it into YouTube channel app by using AppsGeyser.

YouTube channel apps are very popular nowadays. People are converting their channels into apps and get a huge audience from it. People’s preferences change a lot as technology creates or develops something new every minute.

Audience expectations from their YouTube stars go up high as well. Therefore, if you make a YouTube channel app, you will have all of your YouTube videos in that App. YouTube celebrities need to think beyond the limits now.

Stay Connected with Your Followers

Sometimes your subscribers miss your latest updates? You don’t have to worry about it on the YouTube channel app. After making your YouTube app from AppsGeyser, you will distribute it among your subscribers. How can you distribute it among subscribers?

Use the mean of your YouTube channel, inform the audience to download your App, and get the latest notifications about your YouTube channel.

A lot of people will download your App out of curiosity, and some will download out of love for your hard work. You can have all the YouTube videos in your App within a minute by just making a YouTube channel app.

Why Make a YouTube Channel App?

You can turn your successful channel into an app by AppsGeyser within minutes. Your fan following will download your App, and you can have fundamental benefits. You can publish your App on Google Play store. You can update your App easily.

Not just this, but you can monetize your YouTube channel application. You can further increase your ranking and enjoy various benefits of the App.

This YouTube channel app will broaden your audience. Your fan following will love that you are pushing boundaries to create good content for them. Make a YouTube channel app right now and enjoy the perks.

Step by Step Guide to Make YouTube Channel App

The YouTube channel app gives your channel more authenticity and visibility. Making a YouTube channel app is the need of the technological era. People are getting more tech-savvy. They want everything in their handheld devices.

They feel more powerful to have an abundance of apps that connect them with their favorite show, short horror film, YouTuber, or makeup artist.

AppsGeyser presents you with a brand-new template to make a YouTube channel app of your own. AppsGeyser converts your YouTube channel into an app.

There are many templates in AppsGeyser which are fully tested. The quality and services give an excellent user experience. You will make the right decision to make your YouTube channel app from AppsGeyser. Click this link and create your App right now.

Make a YouTube channel app by following these steps below. AppsGeyser allows you to create your YouTube channel app within minutes.

1. Create a YouTube App

After clicking the link, you will find yourself on this page of AppsGeyser. Appsgyser templates are extremely easy to use. This page gives you a description of the YouTube channel App.

After reading this, you may press the “Next” button. The preview button as the mobile screen is also shown on the right side of your App. You can see the live preview of your App.

Appsgyser templates are made easy for friendly user experience. The mobile screen on the right side will give you a preview of the real time-effects of your changes.

You can click to preview on the mobile screen to go to the next page or hit the “Next” button.

create YouTube Channel App

2. App Settings

You can make a YouTube channel app by filling the app settings first. Firstly, it asks for the YouTube API key. You need to add a valid and active API key. Then select from 2 options that which one you want to go for:

•   YouTube channel Url

•   YouTube Playlist Url

You can select one of them. The playlist URL is your YouTube playlist. Now enter the exact URL or name of your YouTube channel.

set your YouTube Channel App

The next option requires knowing if you want to split the channel into a playlist or not. Select the option of your choice. Remember that you can get a live preview by just clicking on the right side of the mobile screen.

3. Appearance Settings

You can choose the appearance of your YouTube channel app from appearance settings. You can use colors from the app theme or customize colors manually. There are options for Primary color, dark color, and accent color. You can select a theme of your YouTube channel app.

choose appearance for YouTube Channel App

4. App name

Here comes a difficult task; many influential personalities don’t know what to name their YouTube app. Here is a tip from us, if you have a broad range of audiences who recognize you, your name is a brand now.

People can identify your work just by your name, then go with the name of your YouTube channel. Naming your YouTube channel app, the same name in which your YouTube channel has a lot of perks.

For example, if people know you already: Your audience will increase more, your brand name authenticity will increase. Having a YouTube channel app will give your audience more leverage to develop a relationship of trust and loyalty with you.

If people don’t know you: It is completely fine. People don’t know you yet. After creating your App and applying the right strategy, you can make your audience from scratch.

It is a known fact that some YouTubers have very good content, but their viewers are very limited. It is stuck. This is the option where they have the chance to increase their audience and let the people know of your talent, art, and work.

name YouTube Channel App

5. App Icon

AppsGeyser allows you to choose a default icon for your App, or you can choose a custom icon. This depends on your choice. People who want to make a YouTube channel app more interesting and different. They often try different ideas and do something out of the box. We also recommend you to customize your App just the way you want.

upload an icon to YouTube Channel App

6. Create an App

Here comes the final step. This was not too long, was it? You can make a YouTube channel app just within 5 minutes. AppsGeyser templates allow you to make your favorite App within minutes.

Now, you just have to hit the “Create” button and enjoy your YouTube channel app. Make sure you have completed all the steps carefully, then click the create button.

Make a YouTube Channel App

Turn YouTube Channel into an App Right Now

With AppsGeyser, you can make a YouTube channel app within 5 minutes. The perks are infinite to have your own App that also for free. AppsGeyser allows you to make a YouTube channel app for your fans. The most fun part of having your own App is that you will be the boss of your App, and you can update your fans instantly. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

1. Manage Your Channel

AppsGeyser gives you the benefit of managing your channel through an app. You can manage your homepage, playlist, and videos just by making a YouTube channel app. You will be able to view every ongoing channel activity on your channel through the App.

2. Promote your App

While having your own App, you can promote your App on several app stores. This gives you the benefit of earning money through the App. You can promote your App on Google play store, Apple store, or any app store of your choice.

3. Add features

Isn’t it getting better? Yes. It is. You can add new captivating features in your YouTube channel app. New features make the existing followers happy but also bring more traffic to your App. You can promote your business through the App by adding more features, new sections.

4. Grow your business

By making a YouTube channel app, you have the opportunity to grow your business. If you are an entrepreneur, then you know the struggle of making people watch your videos without any hindrance. Well, with the App, your stress is also out. Your fans will watch your videos separately on your YouTube app, and you can show your multiple skills through the videos.

Many makeup artists, singers, guitarists, and vloggers have multiple talents, but they often don’t have an idea of how to manage. Just make a YouTube channel app and create exciting videos for your fans and generate good revenue and grow your business.

Make your YouTube channel App right now. Kick-start your existing journey with a new face. Click on this link and make a YouTube channel app right now!