Earn More from Your Free Android App with Full Screen Banners

Monetize with full-screen ads

For the AppsGeyser team, the main way we measure success is by the success of our app-makers. When our app developers build an app that makes a big profit, we know that they’ll be back, building more apps, telling their friends about it, even becoming AppsGeyser Partners.

That means that we’re always experimenting with ways to improve app-maker’s monetization, and we just stumbled on a really great way for you guys to make more money.

With some apps, customers really engage. If you’re playing a game, you might keep the app open for twenty minutes, forty if the dentist is running late. You might open it two or three times a day. That means you’ll be seeing the banner ads repeatedly, and might get curious enough to click. Other apps that are more for reference often only get opened once a day for a minute or two. Think of a weather app. You check it before you get dressed in the morning, but then you don’t have much need of it for the rest of the day.

For apps like a weather app or an app with local events, AppsGeyser’s research has shown that banners just aren’t particularly effective. People don’t click the banner ads and don’t make purchases. In fact, they often don’t even really see them.

When we worked on monetizing these apps, we tried a number of different experiments until we found a solution that ended up giving this type of app TEN TIMES the revenue that it got from simple banner ads.

How Do I Increase Revenues for Once-a-Day Apps?

The solution is simple. You can add a full-screen advertisement that appears upon opening the app. Customers are substantially more likely to pay attention to it, because it is the only thing on the screen, and our research showed profits were ten times higher with a full-screen ad than with regular banner ads.

How Do I Add Full Screen Ads to My App?

You’re probably wondering how to use the new full-screen ads. It’s simple. As soon as your app qualifies for monetization, you’ll be able to add ad code both for banner ads and for full-screen ads. It’s important that you add code for both, as banner ads will continue to run (and be mostly ignored) in your app.

Most of the standard ad networks will give you code for full-screen ads, so if you’re running ads from a network, you’ll just need to pick up the full-screen code, add it in the right space, and you should be up and running in minutes. If you’re making your own advertisements, you’ll need to build them in an HTML editor such as KompoZer.

Good luck and let us know how your app revenues take off when you add full-screen ads!

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023