How to Make An App Like Uber for Free

Make An App Like Uber for Free

If you have lived in busy towns with heavy traffic and parking space scarcity, you understand how accessibility to a ride-sharing app feels. It’s convenient. No wonder Uber is one of the popular on-demand taxi service apps today. It has over one million users in about 900 cities across different countries of the world. In 2019, the Uber App delivered 6.9 billion rides, and it currently has 78 million monthly users.

Why is Uber becoming so popular? Other than the convenience offered by ride-sharing arrangements, the service is cheaper than regular taxis. Besides, the necessary licensing requirements for a Uber driver are straightforward and easier to meet than taxi drivers. It is also easier for drivers to get Uber Eats insurance. That’s why make app like uber would be an excellent idea for anyone who has ever thought of solving a transport problem in their busy towns.

So, the question we intend to answer today is how to make an app like Uber, how the app works, andhow much does it cost to make an app like Uber? Read on to find some helpful information in the sections below.

What is Uber?

Uber is a tech platform that enables driver-partners to connect with riders. For people who need a ride, uber is the app on your smartphone where you can log in and request a ride. Then, a nearby driver-partner will accept the request, and the app will show you an estimate of the time it will take the driver to arrive at your pickup station. It also sends notifications that the driver is almost at your location.

You can also see the driver’s details, including their first name, license plate number, and photo from the app. This info you will use to identify the driver-partner. In this app, you can also enter your destination. When you arrive at your indicated destination, the app ends the trip. The app calculates your fare and may charge the payment method you connected with your uber account. You could also choose to pay cash. The app will again ask you to rate your driver.

There’s also an interface for the driver and one for an admin. Both the admin and driver app have features related to each user’s functions, as you’ll learn below.

How to Make App Like Uber?

Before you study how to build an app like Uber, you first need to have a clear idea of the system’s main parts. All cab booking systems consist of two unique applications integrated through an admin panel. Here’s a look at the features of the different parts of the app.

Uber features

Features of the passenger app like Uber

  • Registration
  • Messaging
  • Push notifications
  • Taxi booking
  • Pickup location
  • Tracking
  • Travel history
  • Ride cancellation
  • Fare calculator
  • Payment
  • Driver rating/review
  • Customer support

Uber features of the driver app

The driver’s app may feature some functions like those of the rider’s version. These include login, reviews, notifications, customer support, and messaging. The other features are as follows:

  • Driver profile and status – the driver fills in their details, such as full names, vehicle details, license, and vehicle insurance. The admin verifies these details from their panel. The status bar indicates the driver’s availability.
  • Trip Alert – notifications enable the driver to receive and respond to a trip request. They can accept or decline the request. This feature shows the rider’s location, travel history, and route.
  • Push notification: shares alerts such as payment, route, trip changes, and other taxi booking information.

Admin panel functions

The admin platform for an app like Uber features;

  • Locations and fares management
  • Driver and user management
  • Vehicle management/
  • Ratings and reviews checking
  • Notifications management
  • Review driver’s orders and payoffs
  • System content management &
  • Integration with Google Analytics

Now that you know the Uber app’s features, use the following steps to create your app. With this information, it’s now up to you to decide which features your app will have. Then, follow the steps below:

  1. Come up with a business model that meets the market demand for your specific taxi-booking application.
  2. Study the demographics and identify your prospective users/market.
  3. Determine the unique selling proposition(USP) for your Uber-like application.
  4. Define the essential functions of your minimum viable product.
  5. Find capable developers
  6. Test and ask about the user feedback. Use the feedback to adjust your product where necessary.

What it costs to make an app like Uber

The budget for developing an app like Uber can vary depending on various factors. Some of these factors are the kind of app you create, the features you choose to have, and the specific developer you work with. The hourly rate for an app developer can range from $30 to $100. But how long does it take to develop app like uber?

It takes about 96-128 hours to design an Uber-like passenger app for Android, needs to have a good laptop for web design, 240 hours for the admin panel, and 88-194 hours to create the driver’s app for Android. Summing up brings the cost of building the entire taxi-booking system to about $50,000 to $60,000 if you are lucky to hire at $30 per hour. 

How to Create an App Like Uber for free?

With the cost estimate above, you might wonder if there was any chance for you to make an app like uber in Android. Besides, you also want to know whether an idea is worth your investment before putting your all in it. That’s why we want to introduce to you an easier way to build an app like Uber for free. This way, you’ll test your idea even before you embark on the journey.

You may create a taxi-sharing app at no cost by using free app builders. These are self-service programs designed to help app creators without any coding skills to implement their idea. By choosing the right app builder, you can develop a functional app that you can even publish on app stores. 

One of the leading app template providers is AppsGeyser. If you wish to build an app like Uber, you could use this URL template to create a smart app for free. With this template, you need to have an existing taxi-booking website that works like Uber. By grabbing the website link and inserting it on AppGeysers URL app creator, you make a mobile app just like Uber, even without coding. The new app will have push notifications, URL support, monetization features, and social media tabs.

How to develop app like uber for free with AppsGeyser URL template

Follow these steps to make a brand new app:

  1. Click the AppsGeyser Template open.
  2. Go to a ride-sharing website of your choice and copy its link.
  3. Paste it on the URL section of the open app builder
  4. Choose the social media tabs and add. You can include Facebook, your blog, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, among others.
  5. Give a proper name to your app.
  6. Add an icon either from the given options or by uploading from your computer.
  7. Describe your app and its features – it’s important to use related keywords here.
  8.  Localize your app by selecting a suitable language.
  9. Click preview – this will show your website app, and you can review how it works before building an Apk file.

Now, you have an app that you can list in the Android app store. This app doesn’t have all the fancy features of Uber. But will give you a primary product that you can use to test your idea. Use it to get feedback from users and decide whether you want to invest more and build a comprehensive app or not.

No need to wait anymore since you already know how to make a taxi app. Click here now to create an app like Uber for free.