New Feature – Spaceship Game Android App Making Tool Template

AppsGeyser is continuing to release some new and exciting range of Android app making tool templates and they have continued to release many new games templates including the Spaceship game. The AppsGeyser Android app making tool templates have proven to be a huge success in the past 3 years and the games templates that have recently been released since January 2014 are in demand.

We have spoken in depth about how games can add a new dimension to your marketing plan and add some fun to your business, but games can be just that, game that you have created just for fun and these alone can be a fantastic idea for an Android app business. Games can be used to gain a loyal following and more games that you have as part of your app network the more loyalty you will gain and the more money you can make.

What is the Spaceship  game Android app making tool template?

This game takes me back to my childhood when I would sit on the floor and connect my remote control to the television and start shooting at space aliens. This classic game has you dodging asteroids as they fall down faster and faster.

How to create an app using the Spaceship game Android app making tool template:

Creating any Android app with AppsGeyser is very simple, the app creation process can be completed in just a few simple steps:

Before you start: Have your images saved to your computer if you wish to change the images

Let’s begin

1. Click on create an app

Android app game templates
Create a game – Android app game templates

2. Choose the spaceship game app option

 Android App Making Tool Template
Spaceship game Android App Making Tool Template

3. Choose the image that you would like for the Astronaut

 Android App Making Tool Template
Choose Images for your Android App Making Tool Template

4. Complete step 3 until you have chosen or uploaded all your images for your game

5. Choose your app name and complete the description

Android app making template
Add description and name to your Android app making template

6. Click create app and you are ready to go

Android App Making Tool Template
Create app – Android App Making Tool Template

7. If you wish to create advance changes, click on edit

Android app making template
Your Game Android app making template

Android app games are fun and are easy to create using an AppsGeyser Android App Making Tool Template. Don’t forget to visit us on our Facebook page to tell us how your app making is going.