The Ultimate Android App Marketing Strategy: How to Price Android App

We have focused a lot on traditional marketing in our ultimate Android app marketing guide, but today we are going to look at something that differs completely, pricing your app. Pricing your Android app fits in with the planning of your app and also your marketing plan and is often over looked as an insignificant part of app making. Pricing your app incorrectly could be the reason for your app’s failure to succeed.

Giving something for free through your marketing can sometimes been seen as a trick by the consumer, so it is very important they you can highlight the advantages and usage of your app in all marketing products. Not all of you will want to give your app away for free, some of you will be looking to charge a download price, which is fine, but do you really understand the pros and cons of charging for an Android app?

What price should you give to your Android app?

Before you decide upon a pricing range for your app you need to be able to answer the following question: Will people be willing to pay money for an app they haven’t tested?

Many of our users jump straight in and shout out, ‘if I charge $5.99 per download, and 100 people immediately download my app, I’ll have a quick profit, of course I am going to charge for my app’. But wait, there is more to this that what you may think.

Getting your app business off the ground is not always a simple task as you may have now realised, marketing your business correctly is the key to any business success, and we, at AppsGeyser, have seen that initial free app downloads are an important part of an Android app marketing plan. By offering free downloads of your app, you are allowing more people to gain access to your app. It is a little bit like fishing; throw in the bait, catch a fish, and then reel it in.

If you can offer your app for free you are giving your potential audience the ability to test your product against some of your potential competitors without taking a risk. By testing your product you are giving them the chance to get to know you and your company, and it is from this point you can begin to build a loyal fan base and build a business. Charging just $0.99 can be your barrier to getting potential users to use your app and preventing your business from getting off the ground.

Give a free trial

If you don’t want to offer your app for free why don’t you consider offering a free trial version of your app. The slimmed down version of the app should highlight all the fantastic features that the app has to offer. What you are doing here is throwing in your bait and getting people hooked.

You are still able to monetize your free app in a number of ways. The following list is only an example of the many ways you can generate an income:

  • simple banner ads
  • full page adds
  • push notifications
  • affiliate discount links
  • affiliate pay-per-call links
  • direct advertisement

Good luck with your decision on whether to go free or fee. Let us know what decision you made and how it goes.