The Best Video Editing Apps in 2022

Video editig apps

Who has time to sit down and edit videos on a desktop computer? These days, you can shoot professional-quality video right from your phone or tablet, and with the right software, you can easily edit and promote your masterpieces on the small screen too. 

The best video editing apps simplify the editing process so you can produce more content in less time. Some apps are packed with hundreds of cutting-edge video editing functions, allowing you to bring real Hollywood magic to each project. Others are simpler and feature automated tools that help you create high-quality videos for social media in no time. 

Which video editing tools do you need? Are you an editor looking for loads of capabilities, a beginner who wants to learn the ropes, or an influencer who needs to create loads of content on the go? 

We’ve compiled the best video editing apps of 2022 below and ranked them based on your needs and budget. 

The Top 5 Video Editing Apps of 2022

Whatever your video editing needs, we’ve got an app for you below. Many are free (or have free versions) so you can start editing right away. 

The Best Free Video Editing App: Adobe Premiere Rush

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS and Android


  • Familiar for fans of Adobe
  • Interface is easy for beginners 
  • Integrates with your photo and music library
  • Automated features for easy video creation


  • Android version has some issues
  • Storage is limited for free users 

Adobe is a leading video editing brand. Many major motion pictures have been edited with Adobe software, including Deadpool, Avatar, and Gone Girl. That makes Adobe Premiere Rush one of the best apps for aspiring filmmakers to get acquainted with Adobe’s suite of video editing software—and it’s free. 

This free version comes with an extensive list of features, allowing editors to manipulate lighting and video speed, drag and drop multiple clips from various libraries, and access some of Adobe’s intuitive tools. It also includes photo effects that you can add to your still images.

Not trying to become a pro video editor? No problem. Adobe has automated features that sync video with music from your library. You can download video in seconds, edit it, and post it to social media all from the app. It doesn’t get much easier than that.  

The Best Paid Video Editing App: LumaFusion

Price: $29.99

Platforms: iOS 10 and up


  • Desktop-level video editor
  • Multitrack editor with 6 video/audio tracks
  • Twice as fast as many other editors
  • Tons of effects and transitions


  • A bit complex for beginners
  • Only for iOS users 

LumaFusion is the best video editor for mobile devices. Hands-down. If you’re serious about editing on iPhone or iPad, download this app. It’s basically like having Final Cut Pro on your phone. 

Ok, so you have to pay $30… But that’s a one-time payment for a ridiculously feature-rich editor. If you consider what you get, the LumaFusion crew is basically giving the app away. 

LumaFusion loads you up with 6 tracks for audio/video and 6 more for narration, sound effects, etc. This means you can build some complex, pro-level projects on your way to work. We love the magnetic timelines that snap your clips into place intuitively (great for editing on the go).  

Importing media is lightning fast, and you can grab audio and video from just about anywhere—iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, flash drive, network drive, and your libraries. 

When it comes to effects, there are too many to mention. Some of the coolest include full-color correction and chroma key filter for green screen backgrounds, blue screen, and luma keying. Translation: your special effects will look Hollywood legit. 

While LumaFusion might be overkill for newbies or those who just want to make TikTok videos, the interface is simple enough for anyone to learn (if they put a bit of time into it). 

The Best Video Editing App for iOS: iMovie 

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS 


  • Fast, efficient interface
  • Responsive touch controls for timelines
  • Educational features for newbies
  • Decent selection of effects


  • Pros will find it too simplistic 
  • iMovie files require a lot of storage space

iMovie was made for the average iOS user to easily learn how to edit while making high-quality projects at the same time. And it does its job very well. While this might not be the most feature-packed app, it trades complexity for speed and user-friendliness. For the vast majority of users, this trade makes sense. 

The interface is self-explanatory and inviting to newcomers, making it easy to explore features without worrying about accidentally destroying your entire project. 

iMovie’s single-track timeline keeps things simple, allowing you to swap and move clips with a swipe. Zooming in and out of the timeline with touch controls feels very natural. Standard filters and transitions add a bit of flair, and some green screen and split-screen options are available for experimenting with effects.

Some might argue that iMovie is too simple to be on this list. But again, the vast majority of users don’t need a professional editor like Adobe or LumaFusion. For them, iMovie will be a hit.     

The Best Video Editing App for Android: KineMaster 

Price: Free version + in-app purchases 

Platforms: iOS, Android, and ChromeOS 


  • Multitrack editor with unlimited overlays 
  • Share videos on social media from the app
  • 4K exports
  • Free version is comprehensive  


  • Videos made with the free version are watermarked 

KineMaster is a video editing tool for editors who feel limited by other apps. This app lets you add anything you want to your videos with unlimited overlays of text, images, audio, handwriting, emojis, and whatever else. You can also blend multiple video shots together for some really trippy effects.

These features may not thrill a traditional video editor, but they are ideal for social media videos. And traditionalists will find all the tools they’re used to here too (and most of them are included in the free version).

One of the best parts of Kinemaster is the circular interface (resembling an old iPod trackpad). It makes it very easy to access audio, media, and overlays on mobile. 

KineMaster is not an exclusive Android app, but it has the best mix of ease and features of any video editing app for Android. We recommend iOS users stick with LumaFusion and iMovie.

The Best Video Editing App for Animation: Blender

Price: Free 

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux 


  • Full 3D rendering suite  
  • 32 editing tracks for audio, images, effects, and more
  • Open source and totally free 


  • Steep learning curve for beginners
  • No mobile version

Blender is the only non-mobile-friendly app on this list, but it’s the king of animation editing software, and it’s free. Be warned: Blender isn’t the easiest app to use—not because it has a wonky interface but because it’s just so packed with tools.

However, if you commit to it, you can learn to render, model, sculpt, animate, and edit all on one app. It’s a complete 3D animation suite for free. Hypothetically, you can create Pixar-worthy videos from your desktop. 

Experienced video editors will be in heaven with 32 slots for video, audio, and effects. Additional tools include transitions, speed controls, filters, and way more. 

If you’re a beginner, don’t be afraid of Blender. Simple animations are easy to create and can take your videos to the next level. There are also loads of free tutorials out there. Once you get the hang of the software, you can become a competent animator pretty quickly. 

The Best Runner-ups 

The video editing apps on this list are our favorites for their user-friendly interfaces, breadth of editing tools, and affordable prices (free is always good!). But there are many other great editing apps out there. Here are a few more we recommend if you don’t find your new video editing app above: 

Magisto: AI automations make it easy to create social media videos

Lightworks: Pro-level editor with over 100 effects in the free version

HitFilm: Free desktop app with over 180 special effects and SFX tutorials

VideoShow: Popular mobile software for creating vlogs and YouTube videos 

FlexClip: Streamline the online video creation process with AI

Are you ready to create your next masterpiece? Whether it’s a feature film, an animated explainer, a killer ad, or a social media post, you’ll be able to turn your ideas into reality with one of the video editing apps on our list. Happy editing!

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023