Tips to Track a phone location by number

Do you want to know how to track someones phone by their number? Cocospy can be an ideal solution for you. Sometimes, it is necessary to find the location of a number after losing your smartphone, or you want to monitor your employee or children. You can do it with the help of some built-in features and external apps.

Track a phone location by number

It is possible to track a phone location by number instead of GPS or any other technology. You may think that only the police department can access special facilities to track a phone with its live SIM card. However, civilians can’t use similar facilities to track the location of a phone by number. No doubt, Cocospy is a legit app for hacking.

Track Location with Cocospy

If you want to use a secure location tracker app, Cocospy can be the right choice for you. With this leading solution, you can track the real-time location of a phone by its number. Cocospy is serving millions of people around the world. Top platforms like iGeeksBlog, PCMag, New York Times, Top 10 Reviews, Life Wire, Digital Trends, and many others endorse this solution for its validity and dependability.

The Cocospy Tracking app can fulfill your tracking requirements in a better way. For this reason, its customer satisfaction rate is better than any other tracking app. It is famous for its easy configuration abilities. It is easy to configure a target device and immediately complete the setup. You can stealthily configure it in a device without any jailbreak or rooting. Cocospy is equally suitable for Android and iOS.

Android versions may need 2MB space, and its battery consumption is incredibly low. Now one can understand that there is a tracking app in their mobile. While working in stealth mode, Cocospy will not affect the performance of your device. You can remotely uninstall the location tracker app with a click. For iOS devices, the configuration process is extremely easy. You can track an iPhone without installing this app. If you have iCloud credentials of a target device, these are enough to track the location of this device.

Location Tracking Feature

You can check the real-time location of a cell phone by its number. The aesthetic interface of Cocospy makes this app a reliable hacking solution for everyone. Feel free to check the history of the route with consistent intervals of a day. Check the address of a location, timestamps, and GPS coordinates.

You can see location marks on a map. Zoom in the map to see the streets and recognize an area. Moreover, the timestamp can tell you when a person was available at a specific time. With Cocospy, it is easy to set up the Geofence and activate notifications. You will get instant alerts when a person leaves or enters the Geofence spot. If you need location history, check the dashboard of Geofence section.

Here are a few easy steps to follow to set up GPS location tracker of Cocospy in a target device. This process will take a few minutes.

  • Use your email ID to sign up to Cocospy.
  • Select a strong password.
  • Hit “Sign up” to get a secure account.

Configure the number of your target device. After configuring your target device, you will get Cocospy’s welcome email with configuration instructions for your phone. The configuration procedure is simple. You will get directions from the Setup Wizard of Cocospy.

In Android devices, you have to download Cocospy and install into the phone to get necessary permissions. For iOS devices, you can work with iCloud credentials of the target phone.

After verifying your information, you can access the control panel of Cocospy. Choose the “Location” tab in the dashboard and see the real-time location of the owner. If you want to use advanced features of Cocospy, you have to buy a monthly or yearly plan. Cocospy is compatible with Android 4.0 or higher version and iOS 7 or present version. Feel free to avail different subscriptions from a basic plan to track real-time location to a premium package.

Other Options to Locate a Phone

BeenVerified is another popular tracking service. With this reliable service, you can search through online public records. With its friendly interface, you can retrieve essential details of a number, such as a residential address, age, name of owner, extra contact information, and social media profiles.