Why Games Are Good For Business? – Create Free Android Game

AppsGeyser has recently began to introduce Android app game templates and these templates have proven extremely popular in such a short space of time. I have had a few emails this week from some app makers that have asked me why I think that it is a good idea to create an Android game app for an existing business and this is what I will be addressing today.

What is an Android game app template?

An Android game app template is a template created by AppsGeyser and is upgraded and personalized by you, the app maker. The templates that have been created include shooting games, puzzle style games and coloring games, all you need to do as an app maker is plan your style and upload your chosen images.

Why are Android game apps suitable for businesses?

1. Branding – When you create a game using the AppsGeyser templates you are given the choice to choose your own images. The images that you choose should represent your branding and be consistent throughout all of your products and marketing materials. The more the user plays the game the more they will begin to remember your branding and will recognize it outside of the game too.

2. Usage – Games are addictive, the idea behind a game is to get users to use your app and return to your app frequently. The frequent usage of your app will not only increase your monetization of the app, but will also increase your opportunity to push your brand. As I described in the previous point, the more an app user sees your brand style the more likely it is that they will remember your brand outside of the game.

3. Loyalty – Loyalty comes from the combination of branding and app usage, the more a person uses the app and becomes used to the branding you have implemented the more likely it is that when outside the game they will choose your brand above other brands when given a choice. The reason that the users are more likely to choose your brand above others is because they have formed an alliance with your brand through the game, they have begun to trust your brand and therefore feel comfortable and loyal to your brand .

Android game apps are a fantastic way to incite excitement in your audience, gain additional users and retain existing clientele. Use a game in your marketing strategy and see if it works for you.

How to make an Android game apps for business?

  1. Go to the AppsGeyser.com – Free Game Maker;
  2. Open the Game Maker menu;
  3. Choose one of the app templates for Android: quiz, 15 puzzle, 2048, find the pair, case simulator, fishing, matching puzzle or another one;
  4. Add the game content by following the step-by-step guide;
  5. Name your app;
  6. Upload an icon for your game;
  7. Publish your game on Google Play!