Marketing Mobile Apps during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Mobile Apps during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The massive hit of COVID-19 has greatly disrupted the corporate sector. Marketing teams from every sector are scrambling to deal with the challenges. Mobile apps are no exception. Though some categories got a major growth during quarantines, others faced a rapid decline. Therefore, mobile app marketers are facing a dire need to revamp their marketing tactics.

Stats from the first quarter of 2020 shows an increase in in-app users. China, having a huge population, reported users spending 5 hours in apps daily. Social distancing and isolation have made people using more apps than ever. It is estimated that people are spending just 13% of their time on the web and 87% on mobile apps. This shows a lot of potential for the exponential growth of mobile apps. The demand for mobile apps is hiking. The difference is just in the categories.

Let us learn how app marketers can use various marketing tactics in this situation:

A. Reassess Your Strategies

pandemic strategy

Since the contagion has confined all of us at home, boredom and feeling of isolation keep triggering the mind. This opens a new window of opportunity for mobile app marketers. Prospects are waiting to use anything new and exciting. Now, it solely depends on how the app is being presented and marketed. Here are a few tips:

1. Increase Ad Spend

Some people have an interest in your niche but still do not know about your app. mostly because of your low ad spending. This is the time to invest big bucks in ad spending. Though everyone is facing a tough financial time, this investment is the need of an hour.

People are spending more time on their phones than ever. A little investment made in the right direction can reap fruitful benefits. For instance, many moms love to cook unique dishes. Your app can be the right solution for them. But how will they know about it? Therefore, increase your ad spending so that people know what you are offering.

Similarly, apps related to health tips, kitchen hacks, budget-saving ideas, and many more are high in demand.

2. Adjust Pricing

The world is facing a tough financial time. Some people are furloughed; others have been laid off altogether. Though people have enough time to use apps these days, they do not have enough budget. Therefore, an adjustment in pricing is mandatory. Low pricing is likely to increase downloads. Besides this, the strategy will leave a positive impact on users. Adjusting the price in this difficult time will make the users realize your cooperation. Therefore, your new strategy for the pandemic should be:

Low Price = More Downloads

B.  Use Social Media

social media pandemic

Undoubtedly, people are spending more time on social media. Be it Facebook and Instagram, or Twitter and LinkedIn; every social media channel is reporting an increased usage. Make the most of this time. Revamp your social media strategies in the following ways:

  • Start staying more active on social media. Also, post about the contagion besides revealing your app features.
  • Use short video features like Instagram Reels for marketing your app.
  • Facebook and Instagram Stories are also a good option for showcasing some behind the scenes.
  • Arrange competitions for better engagement.
  • Give rewards

C. Change Timelines

Like every other business, you must have a planned marketing strategy for the current year. No one knew how the pandemic would disrupt the world, leaving us in a perplexing situation. Since businesses are facing a great setback, consumers are experiencing a difficult time, and the future is still unpredictable, a change in the timeline looks essential. Let us see how an app marketer can implement this change:

3. Pausing Plans

Though the situation requires a complete revamp of the strategies, the key objective will remain the same. Marketing plans paused today can be resumed once businesses get back to normal. For instance, if you have 2 different app categories in hand; travel and food, this is the time to focus on the food apps and pause the travel ones.

Similarly, if you have planned to put your marketing budget in the website redesigning, use the budget in social media campaigns at this time.

4. Extending Deals

Deals, discount offers, and free trials are for a limited time. Extend such offers till the pandemic lasts. It is because the app market has become immensely competitive these days. If you are not going to offer any discount, others will. So, grab the potential clients before they go for some other apps.

D. Reevaluate Marketing Tools

Though you have various marketing tools in hand, use the appropriate ones in this condition. Evaluate each marketing tool and use the one that gives the ideal result for targeting people at home. Social media strategies, email marketing, and paid advertisement are some ideal options.

You must have changed many internal strategies, bought some alternations in the business model, and changed the pricing policy.

Report all these things via press release. Using a press release can showcase your app in front of prospects, thus increasing the chances for more downloads. If you have a low budget, you can go for a free press release. However, it does not always give the best output. Try using the paid sites.

Bonus Tip:

Apps for small businesses are likely to stay in demand. Similarly, remote work, time-management, food, and health-related apps will be in full swing. If you have an app related to these sectors, do not hesitate to make a good investment. Apps from other niches need a good discount policy, free trials, and free advertisement tools.

Wrapping It Up

In short, the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live, earn, and enjoy our life. Just like other sectors, the app industry also reported some big changes. Users in some categories like gaming, food, health, and entertainment increased dramatically. However, travel, maps, and navigation faced a negative impact.

App marketers are fully utilizing this time by reassessing their marketing strategies and creating new ones. Strategies that fully address the current condition are reaping amazing benefits. Similarly, some tactics need a pause, and others need to be added on an urgent basis. Marketing tools should also be reevaluated, and investment should be made in the right direction.

Author Bio:
Nouman provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for Apps for small businesses.