How to create a promo video for social media platforms

Businesses have benefitted the most in this digital age, where the world has gone completely online in every aspect. They will continue to do so even in the future ahead, owing to the huge chunk of the population using social media platforms. It has drastically changed our lives, especially for companies that have transformed the entire landscape of conducting business.

Online videos, which are shorter and easier to draw viewers’ attention owing to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, unquestionably play a significant part in marketing. As numbers speak for themselves, around 96% of customers increased their internet video consumption in 2020 when the entire globe was under lockdown. 

You may need a promo for many different things if you are a marketer or run any business. Promo films are perfect for promoting a business, a particular occasion, a product or service, etc. Promo videos are an ideal approach to attract clients. They are really precise and brief, and they differentiate your content.

So, when it comes on to how to create a promo video, it could seem a little difficult if you have never done it before, but you need not worry. By using the following four easy steps, you can easily make one.

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Step 1: Plan 

As it is often said, “Well-Planned is Half done”, thus before you jump into making videos directly, you need to focus on a few things to produce better outcomes. Ultimately, the broader goal of every video is to increase engagement, but certain aspects require in-depth research for better planning.

Establish Your Goal

As a first step, it is imperative to determine what exactly you would like to accomplish with your promotional video to get the most effective results. Unless you clearly define your goal for your video, you will be unable to channel your efforts into making that video as successful as you would like.

The video you intend to create could have numerous goals, such as raising brand awareness amongst the common audience, generating more revenues, increasing leads, or boosting the traffic on your platforms. 

Define the Type of Video

The next step is selecting the promotional video category most suitable for your goals and objectives. There are several types of promo videos which are namely introductory, explainer, testimonials, problem-solution or action based, and many more.

Often, this decision may depend mostly on the project’s budget and how much time you’re prepared to devote to the project during the entire process. 

Determine Your Target Audience

Because promo videos can be created for many purposes, you need to consider the audience for which the video is meant to be produced. Decide on the type of event for which the video is being created and the target audience to which it is going to be addressed.

As an example, if the promo video is about a singing concert, then this implies that it is likely to be able to target an audience group that is between the ages of 18-30. The information you have about your video’s details can be considered when you are making it and later when you are adding it to your marketing outputs. 

Identify the Type of Social Media Platform 

Once you have determined your audience, it is now possible for you to provide relevant content that resonates with your audience by identifying the sites they visit more often and grouping them into segments accordingly.

Segmenting your audience into distinct segments is essential to effective social media marketing to reach your audience efficiently. To streamline this process further, incorporating a reliable event registration software can simplify gathering and analyzing attendee information, ensuring you tailor your strategies even more precisely to each segment. This tool not only enhances your organizational capabilities but also offers insights into the preferences and behaviors of your audience, making your social media campaigns more impactful.

Step-2 Prepare a Script

Video scripts are similar to the blog post or article outlines in that they provide specific instructions on how to demonstrate how you should create a particular video. Scripting is composed of a series of sections called scenes.

The scenes are arranged in the sequence they occur from beginning to end. While writing the script, it’s recommended that you add the kind of video you’re creating at the very top so that it’s fresh in your mind when you write the script coverage

Step-3 Drafting a Storyboard

After the video script is completed, it’s time to visualize what the finished product will look like. This way, the storyboard is both a tool to help with the process of visualizing the result as well as a static illustration.

On the “board,” each scene will consist of a rectangle that will be used as the visual layout of the scene. Although it’s not necessary to go into great depth with this process, the video production quality will improve if you do.

Step-4 Creating and Editing Your Promo Video

This is the final step of the process that needs to be completed. For this, you need not spend a fortune unless you prefer high-quality videos. You can easily produce videos with the help of free video-making software or even use advanced software by acquiring their premium features.

Again, during this step, you will need to consider a few factors that will enhance or hinder the viewer’s experience while watching the video you are creating. You need to take into account certain things such as:

  • Duration of the video: It’s generally observed that people tend to skip longer videos. Therefore, it is advised to limit the video’s length to two to three minutes. Facebook advises keeping videos under one minute, while platforms like Instagram advise keeping them around one minute.
  • Format of the video: The next step is to determine whether the videos should be shot in horizontal or vertical format. Where on one side, Instagram stories are shoot in horizontal format, it is generally recommended to post the videos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube in vertical format. The study found that vertical video content had 187 % more viewers who watched at least half of the video and a 6% increase in 3-second views.
  • Video editing software: It is now time to give a finishing look at the videos by adding attractive animations and cutting the unnecessary shots out. You can easily produce videos with the help of free video-making software or even use advanced software by acquiring their premium features.
  • If the quality of your video will not be satisfying, you can always try to use tools like video converter to upscale it.


There is no doubt that promo videos are an excellent way to increase business growth, and most brands are making use of them to their advantage. This step-by-step guide will show you how to make a promotional video. When designing a promotional video, it is important to remember that promo videos play an integral part in your marketing strategy. So it is always important to consider a few details when producing one.

Making most of the advantages of social media can take your business to another level. Social networks have a huge customer base, and you can easily promote your business, event, or products. So get started today by making your first promo video.