Top 11 Free Transparent Background Maker Review in 2022

Are you seeking some Free Transparent Background Makers? 

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Any Android or iOS device and any transparent background maker online can be used to get access to these free picture background removers. Here is a list of the tools that are free transparent image makers. Let us dive further into the details of free transparent background tools and find which one is better to use.

  1. FocoClipping
  2. PicWish
  3. Canva Pro
  4. Kite Games Studio
  5. Superimpose Background Eraser
  6. Pixelmator
  7. Visme
  8. Fotor
  9. Shutterstock
  10. Photoshop AI
  11. Stencil


FocoClipping transparent background maker online is one of the best transparent background makers free. Even so, it has been noticed that the FocoClipping website is easy to use for editing. Especially in comparison to other sites, this one is easy to use and quick. FocoClipping is a great tool for processing many images at once. Also, it would be good if you didn’t take portraits because the quality of the photo is good.

No longer is it harder to find a transparent image maker. Because of changes in technology, it’s actually gotten easier to do. If you use FocoClipping transparent image maker offerings, you’ll be capable of finishing the job quickly and easily. The best part is that it’s free. Not only that, but users can also remove the background from a large number of images at once.

We believe that FocoClipping is the best free online service for removing the background because it works perfectly from start to finish. Because of intelligent Automation, the results may be the best on the market. To make png transparent, its process is easy and does not require any help from the user.

Here are some of its PROs:

  • Free to use 
  • Excellent results
  • Bulk removal within seconds
  • Amazing HD Quality
  • Strong AI support


  1. Work Flow Efficiency: free Transparent Background Maker

As a bonus, you can have fun uploading photos by getting rid of their backgrounds simultaneously. The time spent waiting for the unprocessed pictures can be used to make changes to the pictures that have already been taken away. This speeds up the process a lot.

  1. Quick and Professional Transparent Background maker

You can use it to simultaneously remove the backgrounds from up to 30 photos. Routine tasks and long processes will be taken care of without any stress.

  1. Make Bulk Images Transparent 

With FocoClipping, you can make bulk images transparent and crop and add backgrounds to many photos at once, which helps eliminate everyday tasks. You can also use our expert editor to make more changes to your photos. We also offer cropping options for popular online markets like eBay, Alibaba, AliExpress, Shopify, and more. Finding the perfect picture for a product in your online store only takes one mouse click.

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How to Use This Tool (Remove Image Background)

This free transparent background maker is easy and quick! You don’t have to wait for minutes because it does what it needs to do in just a few seconds. Just upload the picture, and FocoClipping will quickly remove the background while you watch. Go to and click the “upload picture” button to see how well it works. Want to figure out how to operate FocoClipping?

Here are the steps for getting rid of Background by FocoClipping.

1. Choose a picture

The best results will come from a clear picture.

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2. Take away the background

Attach your photo to remove the background, and you can only do this within “3” seconds.

3. Get it here

Download your background-free image as a JPG or PNG file with a clear background. You can also keep making changes. If you do not need to make any more changes, save it.

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Everything you need to get PERFECT images!

2. PicWish

PicWish, one of the greatest free online AI photo editors, comes highly recommended. PicWish offers a very easy-to-use background remover. You only have to upload the image, wait for a few seconds, and let PicWish return the picture with a transparent background.

PicWish remove image background
  • It is ideal for professionals such as online retailers and eCommerce platforms, to create stunning product photos.
  • Also, it can be used to remove backgrounds from portrait shots and to create ID photos.
  • As I can say, PicWish is a good choice for graphics designers to improve productivity.

Why PicWish:

  • Super easy to use, with no learning curve.
  • Excellent accuracy. It always gets clean cutouts.
  • All functions available on its website are 100% free and safe to use.
  • There is no daily limit on the number of images available to download from the site.
PicWish remove image background


1) To download images from PicWish, you need to create an account, which is 100% safe. Your uploads and results will be deleted in 30 minutes, so make sure to download your images in time.

2) If you need to process a large number of images, PicWish Pro is perfectly suited for you. It offers an unlimited Batch Removal feature on Pro application, available on iOS, Android, and PC. This app provides a 3-day free trial period, while the PC version is available for free previewing of images. Don’t miss its special 60% offer, download via this link.

3. Canva Pro

Using Canva Pro, you can create stunning images in a matter of minutes. Using the one-click Backdrop Remover in this program, you may quickly and easily remove the background of a picture and replace it with a new, custom-created one. It’s possible to explore Canva Pro for a month without paying a dime. But later you will need to buy premium package to use its premium features.

4. Kite Games Studio

It is a decent app that removes an image’s background: Kite Games’ Background Eraser. This program is intuitive. To erase, highlight and press delete. This program can remove backgrounds, correct defects, and clip water bottle logos. You may undo your modifications to recover the image or redo them to make new alterations. After editing, save images as PNG or JPG.

5. Superimpose Background Eraser

This backdrop remover deletes unwanted stuff by touching it. The target option improves accuracy by removing items with close-to-background hues. Brightness, contrast, and saturation adjustments are also available. Replace the deleted background with another. Superimpose iPhone-only Background Eraser.

6. Pixelmator

Pixelmator can eliminate an image’s background. It can replace Photoshop. Pixelmator’s powerful functions help erase images’ backgrounds. A brush can remove stubborn debris. It also contains a cloning tool to copy a part of an image or other material.   This utility blurs images’ backgrounds despite its pompous name.

7. Visme

Free graphic design online tool Visme makes it simple to erase an object’s background by a single click on the “remove background” feature in their interface.

8. Fotor

When it comes to altering photographs quickly and for free, Fotor is a popular alternative. When it comes to cutting out images, their background removal tool is a little more complicated than others since it needs opening your picture in the magic clipper function and using a “remove background” tool to carefully clear the background.

9. Shutterstock

The AI-powered background removal feature in the Shutterstock editor is a terrific way to quickly modify images. Ideal for used with Shutterstock pictures, but you may also post your own. And it’s completely free for you as well. But it has limited features for professional editing.

10. Photoshop AI

Adobe Photoshop is a high-end image editing program that can handle all aspects of picture retouching in one step. A sophisticated AI system from Adobe Sensei has made background removal simpler than ever before, with one-click backdrop erasure and improved Quick Selection options for manually removing the background.

11. Stencil

Stencil is a powerful and easy-to-use image editor that includes an eraser for the backdrop. To remove the backdrop from a picture, just pick “make background translucent” in the choice box that appears after clicking anywhere around the background. If you ever need full editing ability, a subscription membership, starting at $9 per month with an annual commitment, is required. Remember, the free version of Stencil only allows you restricted access.


As a result of everything discussed, it has been proven that FocoClipping is a free transparent image maker to remove background. This free transparent background maker is very simple to use. The method will clear the clutter in the background in the shortest amount of time and with the least effort. It is a very useful tool when dealing with a substantial quantity of photographs. Considering the quality of the images is so high, it is recommended that no portrait images be included. Utilize the background erasing feature while it is still practical to do so.

Is there another BG removal tool you use more often than FocoClipping that you like better? Tell us your story, please.