How to Choose the Android Apk Builder – 13 Factors to Consider

How to Choose the Android Apk Builder

The time has come to get your content mobile but where do you start? The first step is to choose an Android Apk creator that can not only provide you with the app-making tools required to create your application but also a whole range of other important supporting features vital to achieving Android app success.

Now, we know that there are numerous providers of Do-It-Yourself app creators out there. Each provider offers different capabilities with their solution and will market it as the best app builder. So, your challenge could be in deciding which platform or company to work with. To make it easy for you to choose an Apk creator, we want to highlight the important aspects that you need to consider when choosing an Android Apk builder.

How to Choose the Android Apk Creator

  1. Time

The time it takes to create an app should be minimal. This is because you really want to be spending your time on your business and marketing and not the app creation process.

  1. Technical expertise

The majority of people that wish to turn their content mobile are not technical whizzes. They just want to turn their idea into an app without having to code, spending money on developers, or setting aside long hours for elaborate learning. A hands-on Android app-making program should not require the app developer to have any prior technical expertise. It should make it easy to create an app on your own by either using drag and drop functions, native source code, or custom coding. This way, you’ll build your idea into functional software with just a few clicks.

  1. Real-time results

You want to see your app active the moment it has been created and not sent for a 4-6 week review process. You should be able to download your app onto your own mobile device so you can play around and ensure the app is working in the way you want it to.

  1. App store diversity

You do not want to be limited to a particular Android app store. Make sure the Android Apk creator you choose allows you to upload your app to any Android app store. With this option, you reach a wider audience and create a greater impact by posting your app on various app stores. 

  1. Editing

Your Android Apk creator should allow you to edit your app with ease. Ensure that you choose an app-making software that has an inbuilt dashboard that will allow you to log on and edit as and when required. Also, opt for a provider that enables you to make as many changes to your app as possible from the dashboard at no extra cost.  

  1. In-built push-notifications

In order to contact app users, app owners need to send push-notifications. Ensure that your app-making program can offer you a number of free monthly push-notifications. It’s through push notifications you can keep your users updated about new features, product updates, or interesting events your team could be undertaking around their neighborhood. 

  1. Monetization

Apps need to be able to be monetized with ads to allow you to create a passive income from your apps.

  1. Multiple distribution methods

Check that your Android Apk builder has multiple app distribution methods including QR codes, APKs, and app download links. You do not want to be limiting your audience options by only having the ability to download your app from an Android store. You want them to be able to download from a newsletter, a marketing leaflet, or even your website.

  1. Support

Even if Apk creators are designed to make it hassle-free to build an app on your own, it doesn’t mean that you won’t require assistance in some instances. This makes any form of online support you can get from your Android Apk builder vital for app success. You should be able to contact the app-making service to help you solve any issues during the app development, ask questions to improve your app and be part of an app-making community. For this reason, reliable providers offer various ways of contacting the customer support, including through emails, live online chat, and a phone number. 

Another way such companies can boost their support is by providing detailed guides on how to use the app-making tool. Guides can be in the form of either screenshots, videos, and written how-tos.

Still, on this point, you may want to find out if the provider requires you to pay any fee for customer support.  

  1. Templates

You may have the perfect content for your app but have no idea how to structure the content in an Android app. Find an Android Apk creator program that has a wide range of templates that will not only help you create your perfect app but also offer you the ability to create numerous apps of different styles with your existing content.

  1. Marketing

Without marketing, you won’t get as many people as you want to download your app. Thanks to technology, marketing can be a 24/7 exercise especially if your Apk creator allows marketing automation. Automatic advertising tools that a reliable provider can provide include:

  • Emails – Find out if you are able to create personalized email forms to grow your mailing list.
  • Integration with Social media – Check if your Apk builder makes it easy for you to create an app that connects seamlessly with different social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. With this option, you can have the app users subscribe and follow you on social media. They also share your product with their friends and networks and this will boost your app’s popularity.
  • Content sharing – Are you able to incorporate a news feed, media, and notifications from websites, blogs, or any other sources? This provides more options for your application users to stay engaged within your app. 
  • GPS support – This feature comes in handy when you intend to do location-based marketing. You stand a better chance of drawing the attention of a user when you send them relevant content instead of generic marketing messages.
  1. Scalable

Think of a situation where you build your initial product but after you roll it out to the public, the idea keeps evolving especially after noticing how the users interact with it. You want to create your app in a way that you’ll be able to improve it in the future if need be. You may even want to do advanced development, add custom features and other functions to match your changing ideas or user needs. 

  1. Analytics

Being able to perform analytics is an important part of app marketing. You want to monitor how your app is doing in the market and how users interact with it. These insights can inform your marketing tactics or app improvements.


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