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Make an APK for free without coding in 1 minute!

Create Android app online free. Build an android app for business and personal use. With APK generator, you can convert a website to an app, build a social media app, messenger app, book reader, and more. Build App Creator for free and download APK files without knowing how to code.


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APK Generator For Your Android Apps

You can make android apps and download the APK files with ease. Create a chance for clients/audience to have quick access to your business. Build your business app and download the APK file. Choose a template, create an app, and generate the APK file!

Free and No-Code Making

Generating an APK  file is straightforward. There is no complicated process; neither do you need to know to code. Choose a template and follow the proceeding instructions. Create your app, and download the APK file. No hidden charges. It is free.

make mobile app from website is easy
free website app maker

Publish on Google Play

After generating your APK, you can download it and share it on Google Play. Upload your APK file to Google Play and share it with your friends, family, associates, or users.


Generate An APK File For Your App With Features

Download and Share

All APK files generated with our APK builder are free to download and share.

App Monetization

Be among the luckiest ones that would make an app for easy access and earn from it. All these are done for free.

Google Play Support

You would be able to upload your APK builder to the Google play store. This will give you access to a good number of users.

Android Support

APK files are compatible with all android versions. Download your APK file and install it on your Android Device.


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How to Make an APK file for Free?

5 steps to generate an APK file

  • 1
    Open AppsGeyser
    Visit appsgeyser.com/create/start/ and choose either app to make money or an app for business.
  • 2
    Choose the App Template
    Choose a template for the type of app you want. You can switch between two options for the type of app you want to build: individual or a business.
  • 3
    Follow the Guide
    Upload the app content into the form fields. You can add texts, images, videos, sounds, links, etc.
  • 4
    Name the APK file
    Type the name of your APK file. If you plan to share your APK on Google Play, add keywords to your app title to make it more visible and searchable for Android users.
  • 5
    Choose an icon
    Upload your logo. If you don’t have a logo, you can use default icons on APK Generator or design it from scratch outside the platform.
  • 6
    Download the APK file
    After creating your app, you will be redirected to your dashboard. At the top bar of your dashboard, you will see a button with the label “Download APK.” Click to download your APK file!


Create an APK file in Less than 15 minutes!

Create an APK file with app creator for free!

Find a niche for your APK to make it accessible and exciting. You could make an APK file for your Facebook page, website, business, games, and lots more. Give your business the visibility it deserves, initiates good traffic. Spark up fun with your friends and build a game.

Generate an APK file for Android Now!


AppsGeyser – Free Online App Creator

Making, downloading and sharing a apK File is free!

APK Builder – is a free platform for you to make your APK file with zero programming knowledge. To generate your APK file, you have to select your business’s niche, choose templates, insert the URL (if needed), and follow other simple steps.

  • Up to 10 minutes to create

  • Free app maker

  • No coding required

  • Instant access to APK file

  • Monetization program

  • Premium features


Why Build an APK file?

In terms of reach, you can reach more users by building an android app. Android devices keep increasing in the mobile market, and that will not stop any time soon. They are the cheapest smartphones available. This makes it more inclined to have an increasing number of users daily. By having an android app and publishing it online, you can reach billions of users. For business, it is excellent because there is no restriction to who can use the app. Another advantage you enjoy is easy and quick customization. Customizing and editing android apps come with less difficulty and stress.


  • Promote your business

  • Increase your accessibility

  • Gain new clients and users

  • Engage with existing clients


  • Earn money with ads

  • Get up to $900 per month

  • Add in-app purchases

  • Create app empire

APK Files Created Already


Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an APK file?

To create your APK file, go to the appsgeyser.com/ and select whether your app is for individual or business use. After that, select the niche templates. Provide the link to the website (where necessary) and follow the proceeding instructions.

How to make an APK file without coding?

To create your APK, go to where you would choose the type of business you have, select the niche, and follow other necessary steps. No coding knowledge is required.

Can I edit my APK file after making it?

Yes, you can make changes to your app. You could either correct from the ‘Edit’ option, allowing you to navigate through app features.

Can I make both Business and Individual APK on AppsGeyser?

Yes, you can build both business and individual APK builder on AppsGeyser. But, remember that different templates would determine the kind of APK file you want to develop.

Is it free to make an APK file?

Yes, it is totally free. All you do is follow the provided instructions.

How long does it take to make an APK file from scratch?

It depends on which app you are building. But generally, it takes between 10 to 30 minutes.

Do I need other software for making an APK file?

No, you don’t need any other supporting software to make an APK file. Go to appsgeyser.com through your PC or mobile devices.

Can I monetize my APK file?

You can monetize your APK file. You will need to join the monetization scheme from the AppsGeyser menu dashboard.

How many APK files can I create?

There are 35 templates there for you on AppsGeyser’s website, so go there and make as many apps as you want!

Why should I make mobile apps on AppsGeyser?

AppsGeyser is easy and without hidden charges. You don’t need to have coding skills to create your APK file. You can monetize any App created on AppsGeyser without making any payment.


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