How to Make Video for App

Make Video for App

Making an app with help from a free platform like AppsGeyser is just part of the equation. If you want your app to perform well, you must market it in a way that your audience can connect. You can market an app on YouTube with a video, for example.

The reason we’re focusing on a video is that videos reach more people than static images, and it has a bigger impact on the audience. Large corporations around the world know the importance of proper video marketing. They spend millions of dollars to make a promo video for Android app.

But you don’t necessarily have to if you know the basics of how to make video for app. In this post, we’ll go through the process of marketing your app video in such a way that it makes a healthy impact on your audience.

The Video Style

The most obvious step of video marketing your Android app is to make the video. But there is more to making a video that you can see through naked eyes. You must decide on the style of the video you want to market. And to get it right every time, you should have a deep understanding of what your audience likes and wants to watch.

From there, you can go for an informative video, a step-by-step guide, a feature highlight, or an app trailer. Whatever it is, it must resonate with the need of your audience. How you treat the video also matters depending on the industry you are working in. Are you going for an animated video or a live one? Each of these factors will influence the marketing strategy.

Utilizing the Channels

In this era of digital marketing, different channels have opened up a plethora of opportunities for developers. You can get the best out of any channel if you know what makes the audience think twice. Depending on the channel you target, the format of the video will vary.

For example, you shouldn’t use the same video format for an app store and your website. Even different app stores use different types of video formats in most cases. You should craft different formats for your websites, social media channels, etc.

Let’s get on with different App Stores and how they work.

Google Play Store

If you’re trying to market an Android app, Google Play Store is the place to go. One of the best features of Google Play Store is that it lets you add a video as a description. The video is also the most prominent marketing material in the store. It’s a YouTube video that shows up on the list of visuals under your app.

The views you get from the Play Store also count towards the YouTube views. It’s an amazing feature Google has integrated to encourage creators like you. The result of higher view counts translates into better search engine optimization (SEO), a crucial step in any marketing strategy.

You can localize in the Play Store to make promo video for Android app. For all the languages that  Google offers, you can upload one video for each. It’s amazing if you have an audience from different parts of the world and they can get your video in their native tongue.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of producing videos in multiple languages, you can opt for subtitles. And you can upload the subtitles on the YouTube video, known as Closed Caption (CC) in the YouTube space. From there, the algorithm will automatically determine the language it should display depending on the location of your audience.

iOS and tvOS App Stores

WWDC or Worldwide Developers Conference is an annual initiative by Apple, where developers from around the world can interact with Apple’s engineers. Apple also introduces new features and products at this conference.

In WWDC14, Apple introduced the video feature on the App Store. It’s called App Preview. To make promo video for Android App, learning how to utilize App Preview is important.

The App Preview option allows you to upload device-specific videos. Meaning, you can upload separate videos for iPhone users or iPad users. The maximum video length is up to 30 seconds. If you do the video right, 30 seconds should be enough to explain what your app is and what benefits it offers.

The App Preview also requires you to upload device-capture footage, as opposed to computer-generated footage. Also, your video mustn’t look like an ad. The goal of App Preview is to give the audience an idea about what your app does, not to push for a hard sale.

A drawback for iOS App Stores is that you can only use one language for your video. It doesn’t let you upload multiple videos or transcriptions like Google Play Store.

tvOS, on the other hand, is the operating system for Apple TVs. They use specific Apple TV apps, and you can upload different videos for tvOS App Preview as well.

Market an App on YouTube

As we continue our marketing week, we continue to learn how we can get your fantastic app out there into the big wide app world without you having to spend any money. That’s right. You can market your Android app for free, and start to make money without having the initial outlay that most start-up businesses require.

Let’s face it. The main reason most people don’t start a new business, even though their idea is fantastic, is because they lack the initial funds to simply get started. Now AppsGeyser has changed all that. With our free Android app making templates and free marketing ideas for you to use, you can easily get started in your dream app business.

Today we are going to look at getting your business advertised on YouTube. YouTube is an opportunity to market your business to an audience of millions of people.

Why should you use YouTube to upload your video?

Many companies are using videos and uploading them to YouTube to reach out to their current and potential audience. In today’s marketing world, marketing is not all about business. It’s about building more personal relationships and showing the people behind the business as well as just the business itself.

Three Goals of Web Video Content:

In order to make the most of your video content, you need to ensure that you do the following:

  1. Inform your audience. Your YouTube video should inform the viewer about your company, or the about the industry that you are working within.
  • Educate your audience. Make sure that there is some purpose to your video. Your audience needs to come away from the video having learnt something about you or your industry, and feeling satisfied.
  • Entertain your audience. No one wants to watch a 20-minute lecture of pure boredom. Make sure the video is entertaining. It always helps to include some form of humour.

Final Words

If you’re done creating your free app using AppsGeyser, now it’s time to market it. And to get the most results out of your marketing campaign, knowing how to make video for app is very important. Videos offer the highest impact out of all marketing materials.