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Become an official reseller of our telegram channel promotion service – unlock new high revenue up to $1000 monthly

about the product

We provide telegram channels with new 100% real subscribers. We subscribe users from our Telegram based messangers created on Appsgeyser and published on Goggle Play. They are real, countries-targeted people. About 4500 clients from all over the world are using our service – they are all administrators of different telegram channels. 

What will you do

Becoming a reseller you start to resell the telegram channel promotion service

How will you get your revenue

You don’t need to wait untill the end of the month or pay any fees. Your clients will pay you money for the service and you just need to send us required amount leaving you margin to yourself.

Who can become a reseller

You are eligible to be part of the Appsgeyser Reseller Program if you meet the following requirements:

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Get revenue immediately!

Discount + margin = profit that you will receive after the first order. Forget about payback periods, additional costs and other complexities - it's simple.


You can always contact the support service if you have any questions. Our support benefits include personal assistance, detailed instructions on using our products, services, and more.


Higher the revenue, higher the discounts!
Depending on your total monthly sales, you can receive discounts up to 30%. Higher the discount, higher the amount of money you get!

sales tools!

We will provide you with scripts, insight and checklists helping you to sell quickly.

the program has three levels of membership

and each level has its own benefits. Your total sales , calculated on the first day of each month, will determine your level for that month. Benefits increase at higher levels

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  • A participation in reseller program starts from the Basic Level. You should make sales for at least $50 to enroll the Basic level and start participation in reseller program. The reseller is provided with sales tools and the support of the manager.
  • A prerequisite for moving to the Silver level is reaching $200 in sales


  • The reseller is provided with sales tools and the support of the manager. The reseller is given access to a closed channel for resellers.
  • A prerequisite for moving to the next Gold level is reaching $700 in sales


  • The reseller is provided with sales tools and the support of the manager.The reseller is given access to a closed channel for resellers.
  • A prerequisite for staying at the gold level is reaching $1000 in sales

Frequently asked questions

Appsgeyser is an international IT- company for mobile development. One of our activities is to help Telegram Channels to gain new members (up to 300k members) from pretty much any country whether it is India or USA. All members are users of our apps so we can guarantee what we are the only company who promot channels with real subscribers!

You become the official representative of our service. For example, you can create your own telegram channel @telegramchannelpromotion (for instance). The administrators of different telegram channels will contact you to buy subscribers for their telegram channels. You conduct the entire sales process yourself: communicate with customers, find out their needs and sell subscribers.You will receive the rest of the information from your manager.

Telegram is the safest and fastest growing messenger. Over 100 million people are already using Telegram. And, of course, Telegram has a lot of different channels on a variety of topics: entertainment, educational, betting, channels with films and even cryptocurrency. Therefore, the admins of these channels need to promote the channels with live subscribers.

At the silver level, you are already provided with a discount. All sales go directly through you. Therefore, you can make any margin for the service and take the profit for yourself. For example 1000 subscribers costs $10. Your price in the silver level is $8.5. For your clients, you can put a price of $12. So, if a person wants to buy 10k subscribers, it will cost him $120. After our manager has approved your client’s order, you accept payment of $120 from him, and send us $85. Your benefit is $35. Instantly!

A personal manager is assigned to each reseller. In addition to support, every month the manager sends you a report on the amount of your sales and the results of the month, in which you will see all the information.


resellers have already opened their sales channels and started receiving revenue this month

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