What Not To Do With Social Media Marketing For Android App Business

Social Media Marketing For Android App Business

Yesterday we spoke about the importance of social media and how it is vital to get your audience engaged in your content in order to bring an organic rise to your Android app business audience.

We spoke briefly about the importance of the different social media platforms that you should consider when launching your campaign, the option of paying to get started with social media promotions, the importance of using your app to purchase TikTok followers to your social media outlets and of course the content of your social media should create a sense of belonging to ensure your audience engages and remains engages with your content.

Today we are going to move on to the mistakes that people make and how to avoid making them in your social media campaigns.

Social media is not a place to sell your Android app business

We briefly touched on the importance of bringing a sense of community to your social media page yesterday. Social media is a place where you want people to feel at ease, to want to be a part of and to continue to come back to, therefore it is vital that you NEVER use your social page to sell directly to your users. If you do decide to continually plague your social with adverts you will find your community will slowly begin to disengage.

Most newcomers to the social media world will not get the concept that sales are your enemy when building a community as they want to promote their fantastic new products and of course their audience will want to hear all about the new product. Don’t fall into this trap.

Of course, there is a way in which you can link your social to your business but in a more subtle way. You can include photos of behind the scenes with your team building up to a  new promotional event, or link to a blog post that explains the background of the product. What you are doing is gently getting your audience involved in your product without forcefully throwing it upon them.

When you do decide to link back to your products on your social pages, you should make sure that the content is only a fraction of the content that is being offered to the audience. What I mean is, the majority of your posts should be based around the subject area of your Android app business, for example, if your app is an app for dog lovers, the majority of your posts will be dog-related and one post in every 5 can link to your app.

Social marketing is not a one minute wonder

Many people make the mistake of posting once a week, or once in a while on their social pages, this will not engage your audience. Social is an ongoing process, your audience wants reactions to comments immediately and requires updated content to ensure they are kept engaged. Of course, you can’t post 24/7 on your page, but pages should be updated at least 2-4 times a day, you can always schedule posts for times that you will not be available to post new content.

Another tip is to ensure your pages are linked to your mobile phone so you can respond to messages as they occur. No one expects you to respond at 3 in the morning, but you should respond as soon as you physically can.

Social media is your customer service – Remember that your social media acts as your customer service and therefore it is vital that you respond always in a friendly and appropriate manner, you will have people using your social media to complain and one mistake that people often make is to try to ignore bad reviews, delete reviews or respond in an inappropriate manner.

We strongly advise you to always respond to comments made on your pages and not with excuses but also with an apology. It is appropriate at times to apologise for mistakes that have been made, even if you feel that the comment is inappropriate and not relevant to you. Your truthful responses will be appreciated and will show you as a company that is willing to listen to your audience and not back away from any issues.