Establishing A Perfect Target Audience For Your Android App

Target Audience For Your Android App

The first thing you need to open an Android app successfully is to know your audience.

When you become an app owner, you do not only enjoy running a business successfully; you also have the space of working at your will, which gives you enough and more time to enjoy life. Owning a business, you need to own an Android app; it allows you not to work for too long and reduces stress.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the Android app market and things you need to know to get your Android app to a Target audience.

One cannot compare the Android app market place to that of the Apple store because of its flexibility; this means that there are other Android app stores that you can make use of, unlike apple, which gives you access to only one app store, this gives app owners and prospective app owners opportunities of creating an Android app successfully. The necessity to understand the app market is known to all, but, surprisingly, people do not take out time to deeply understand the app market, which makes it crash at the beginning.

Do you really want to go into the app market?

You have to check out and use many apps in the app market, understanding how it works and what shouldn’t be done. It’s part of your research, knowing what should be and what shouldn’t be done as far as using an app is concerned. There’s a need for you to know what you really appreciate and what you do not enjoy, and you have more understanding of what should help you when working on your own app.

You shouldn’t be stalked to only one Android app, Google Play, for example, knowing it’s not the only Android app available though might be the most used and popular, there are other Android apps you should know and study to have an effective understanding of what you are learning.

  • What should I think of when checking through the Android app markets?
  • Why do people use this app the most?
  • For how long has the app been in use?
  • What has been the audience review about this app?
  • How many Android apps use this app developer?
  • Is the app freely accessible, or there are charges on each download?
  • How is money being generated from this app?
  • Why do I like this app, and would I want to use it another time?
  • What makes this app different from other related apps?
  • How is this app been marketed?
  • What have I seen and understood from this app that I would love to add to my own app?

When you fully understand all these, you are way ahead of your competitors and would make a good App owner.

Gaining App users for your free Android App

We earlier talked about things to do to make sure your app is successfully created and doesn’t end up being a one-time thing. We’d discuss how to get a target audience for your app, the appropriate people for your app, and who are also in need of it.

1. Getting the Target Audience

There are numerous ways in ensuring that you’re getting your app across to the right set of people; of course, you wouldn’t want your app to be downloaded by too many people who wouldn’t be loyal to your app and end up not making use of it as they do not need or want it.

Your target audience is people who your app is meant for; reaching them is getting them to know that your app exists.

2. Describe your App

The first thing people do when they open your download page is to look at your app description to know if it’s exactly what they need. The contents of your description should be accurate and precise, giving your prospective audience enough reasons to choose your app over others and that it’s going to be of help to them. As it is of no use of so many people download your app and end up deleting it as it doesn’t help the growth of your app on GooglePlay when you can have a few app users who would download your app and stay true to it.

3. Screen Prints

The next thing after describing your app is the importance and effect of your screenprints. Some people may use pictures of what is in their app as a screen print; This doesn’t explain anything about how your app looks on the inside to your audience. Ensure that your screen print gives the app user detail of what the app looks like when in use, how it’s arranged, and it’s other characteristics.

Ensure you add attractive screenshots to your app review, which will make the app user eager to download and use your app.

4. Marketing

Define your target audience when drawing your marketing plan; you should advertise your App at events, in magazines, or any industry-related media outlets. If you’re advertising on a local newspaper page, there are chances that you only reach a limited number of people interested in your app. Still, there are high chances that you reach and attract a larger and targeted audience when you advertise your app at an industry event, knowing that you’re selling what they need and is related to what they want.

Part of your marketing strategy should also include App Store Optimization; if your app lacks this, it won’t show up on your app store’s search result. Hence people won’t know the existence of your app. It is better advised to use the rank keywords your target audience will use when searching for a new app.

5. Networking

This is an advanced level of marketing, but you’re taking it on a personal level. Marketing on social media gives you the room to get on a personal level with your target and potential audience, and there’s also a need for you to know the right people to market it to. You should join groups and communities on Facebook and Twitter, which contain your target audience, and you refer them to a web or blog which leads them to your app.

You can also use YouTube, where you can make videos on awareness of your app with amazing features and never forget to include a call to action below your video while describing.

People listen to influencers and use them a lot as they can trust them to give them the best, make use of them. Look for the right and knowledgeable influencers for your app to help promote it to your target audience.

6. Web Search

Your app shouldn’t only show up in an app store; people search the internet for information, so your app should show or pop up in a regular web search, Google search, for example.

You could make use of targeted search engine ads or content marketing.

Targeted search engine ads are looking at what attracts your targeted audience and has been extensively discussed earlier. Content Marketing is gaining awareness using content. For example, videos, graphics, blogs, and more. Ensure they are contents that match your target audience’s interest. Make sure your content is of the best quality. All these increases your Search Engine Optimization. You can even collaborate with bloggers in related fields.