Android App Builder App Success Progress Monitor

As you may have noticed on your dashboard AppsGeyser has introduced a brand new feature, this new feature is your free app success progress monitor. The new battery styled monitor has been created to help guide you, our Android app makers, to Android app success.

What is the app success progress monitor?

The app success progress monitor marks your progress within your app development showing you what you have yet to complete that could help turn your app into a successful app. To become a successful app maker, there are many stages that an app needs to go through, including app creation, submission to Google Play, updating and editing the app and also sending regular push notifications to your audience. Many people forget some of these stages, therefore we decided to introduce the app success progress monitor to our Android app builder to help you remember what stages you have yet to complete.

How do I use it?

The app success progress monitor will tell how much progress you have made towards creating a perfect app. The battery will show you in percentage terms how much your ‘account’ is charged and will then highlight the remaining stages that you need to complete below the battery image.

What are the stages that you need to complete to fully charge your app?

There are 5 physical stages which an app maker needs to go through to create an app that is likely to have app success

Create your first Android app – Well, this is a simple step, if you don’t have an app, then it will never become successful.

Publish your app to Google Play – Although there are many app stores out there, none are as successful as Google Play, this app store is the main app store that will help your app get the most exposure which will help lead it to app success.

Edit and update your app – Updating and editing your app helps keep your app relevant, it also improves your positioning in Google Play and it impresses your app users by showing them the app is kept relevant and looked after by the app maker.

Send pop-up notifications – Ensuring your audience is aware of your latest news and are reminded to use the app is an important step in keeping your users active. An app that is downloaded but is not used loses ratings in the app store. It is very important for your app to remain active.

Create more apps for your app empire – An app maker that has a minimum of 7 apps is 10 times more likely to see app success than an app maker is just one app or less than 7 apps.

If you have any further questions regarding our Android app builder app success progress monitor

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023